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TOKYO, JAPAN - JANUARY 01: People pray for good luck in the new year at Meiji Shrine on January 1, 2022 in Tokyo, Japan. As Covid-19 coronavirus infections remain low across Japan, authorities have nevertheless urged people to avoid gathering in large numbers as they celebrate the new year. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Have you ever thought about learning about Esports in a more academic setting? Well, it has received tremendous recognition from both the professional and academic communities for the past ten years. Esports has grown to be a more respected industry now offering a number of Esport related scholarships and college programs worldwide. However, this latest development will have Esports receiving its first ever Esport High School.  

Set to begin tours this coming January Esport Koutou Gakuin, which basically translates to Esport High School has shown pictures of a large-scale lecture hall, but instead of normal desks for students. These ones have been outfitted with four Galleria XA7C-R37 PCs per desk. Just to show how serious this is, your average cost for just one of these personal computers go for over two-thousand dollars and they have forty of them. All ready to help students learn a variety of lessons on what is considered the latest in gaming technology with a Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card, 32GB of DDR4 RAM and many more impressive hardware upgrades. 

Now the question on everyone’s mind is what will these students be learning and who is teaching them? Well, it’s unclear exactly what games will be taught, but we do know the plan is to cover a wide variety of gaming genres such as real time strategy games, first and third person shooters as well as competitive multiplayer online battle arena games. As for who is teaching well this whole project is coming from the Esports division of a Japanese telecom company titled NTT as well as professional soccer team, Toyko Verdy. These companies as well as other industry professionals will make up the staff. 

However, on top of all the gaming it’s reported that students will also be tasked with learning standard Japanese high school curriculum. However, what is the main goal of this Esport high school? Well according to the official website graduating students will be able to pursue careers in professional gaming, streaming as well as game designing or programming and  overall gaming content creation. Of course, some of these fields will require higher education, but this prestigious high school looks to set them on the right path at an early age. 

Esport High School looks forward to welcoming students as soon as April to their facility located in Shibuya Japan, however depending on the popularity and success of this project we may just see more schools just like this popping up all over the world. Keep an eye on this with us as more information becomes available.