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Mets: Fluke Run Or The Real Deal?

The Mets, who have won seven in a row and have gotten to within two games of .500, have put themselves in a difficult position if the trade deadline was today. Just 2 weeks ago the Mets were arguably the worst team in baseball, now it feels like they can't lose. After coming back from a 6-2 deficit to the Texas Rangers yesterday, it just feels like something has flipped with this team. Is this a fluke? Should the Mets change course at the deadline and become buyers? The good news for them is they still have a month to see how it plays out and decide whether to buy or sell.   The Mets are in a prime position to do a complete team rebuild, quickly, and reset the franchise in the short and long terms come July 30th. Players like Pete Alonso and JD Martinez can be valuable pieces to a team that needs power, on the road to their respective World Series run. The Mets also have Edwin Diaz and Brandon Nimmo that they could potentially move, but you could argue that they could be part of the short rebuild that could take place and help the team on a potential future World Series run.   If the Mets continue to win, they could be in the market for some starting pitching and a reliever to bolster the bullpen. Ever since six teams started making the playoffs it is hard to imagine any team, including the Mets, being so mathematically out of it that their season is over. It's not about the numbers, it's about the feel of the team and doing what is best for the future as well.   Some potential trade options for the Mets if they wanted to buy would be players like Carlos Estevez, Lance Lynn, and Tanner Scott. While these may seem like minor moves, they are the moves you make if you're looking to upgrade and are in a position like the Mets are. These types of players are players that can help the team and be cost-effective when it comes to trading away prospects.   Mets fans have been having fun with the current team over the past 10 or so days and a big part of that is because they recently got Catcher Francisco Alvarez back from the injured list. The team is 18-6 with Alvarez in the lineup, compared to 17-31 without him. This can be accredited to the fact that Mets Pitchers have a 2.23 ERA with Alvarez behind the plate, compared to 4.73 with someone else behind the dish. https://twitter.com/stevegelbs/status/1801814177180250140?s=43&t=XWe_9NhgaHGNvoXGyjz2Mw Mets fans are also crediting the current win steak to “Grimace” which originally did not sit well with Mets Fans, they felt like the team was becoming a joke. Now that the team is winning, fans are embracing it... everything seems better when you're winning. https://twitter.com/fanduel/status/1803263298453819660?s=43&t=XWe_9NhgaHGNvoXGyjz2Mw While the Mets are playing well right now, it will be a very important next few weeks to see what position the team is in come the July 30th trade deadline. With the starting rotation not being great, and the bullpen a little shaky, it would probably be better if the team sold off its valuable impending free agents by July 30th.  

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