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SHANGHAI, CHINA - AUGUST 25: A general view of the awarding ceremony of the International 2019 Dota 2 World Championships final at Mercedes-Benz Arena on August 25, 2019 in Shanghai, China. (Photo by Hu Chengwei/Getty Images)

Today starts the final regional league before we start looking forward to the Dota 2’s ‘The International’ 2022. With the teams just coming off of a tough Winter Finals, this last regional tour is going to be one of the most important for teams who are close to making qualifiers and here’s why. 

To earn a spot for The International teams must be one of the top teams through a point system called DPC. You gather these points by participating, but most importantly placing in tournaments known as Regional Finals. Well, a few months ago was the winter tour in which TSM FTX beat out Evil Geniuses. This granted TSM FTX, 250 DPC points. Now if those points as well as the ones gathered from placing in the Winter Regional League. This upcoming Tour will be the most important as it is the second of three tours given before the final grand Dota 2 tournament. 

Meaning of course if any team wants to still have a chance to secure a spot without having to feel the pressure during the summer tour. Now is the time to do it by placing not only in the top sport for this Spring Regional League, but as well as winning the Spring Regional Finals. As of right now only three of the twelve spots normally offered for the International belong to teams from the North American Region. Those being the same teams that went to the 10th annual International 2021, but sadly didn’t make it to Quarterfinal’s or past the second round of the loser’s bracket. 

The Spring Regional League will be held from today Monday March 14th 2022, until about April. Then after a short break for the teams they’ll commence with that tour’s finals. To learn more about Dota 2 Pro circuit or to keep up with all their games. Check out their website by Clicking Here. 

Though now that its game time what region are you looking at with hopes of making it? Are you excited to see what The International 2022 has in store? Well keep up on all your latest Esports news right here with us by joining in on the discussion as we watch the Dota 2 Spring Regional League in full swing.  

Top Moments From The Start Of The League Spring Split

  • Split Week One Schedule

    Matches between top teams TSM and Dignitas sparked fans to debate online over who would win each match in the first week.

  • Team Liquid Goes 3-0 in Lock ins

    Despite having three wins zero losses in lock in. Team Liquid went 1-1 in the start losing to the undefeated 100 Thieves. But they were able to crush their next opponent who was Immortals Progressive.

    Team Liquid’s next match is against another undefeated team Cloud9.

  • Spring Split Information

    This year like all the ones before it seems to be packed with challenges that the teams across all regions will face. We may see even greater mix ups from updates and new champions released.

    Riot has stated that it intends to add new champions and items to change the balance of power to be more fair and fun.

  • TSM Faces a Tough Opening Weekend

    Another popular and well known team known as Team SoloMid (TSM) also had a tough weekend losing both of their games.

    Last year’s LCS playoff’s TSM lost round 2, and then again making it to round 3 in the loser’s bracket.

  • Fans Share Their Own Ranking's of The Teams

    It seems some fans were right with putting teams like 100 Thieves and Dignitas in the upper ranks, but what shocked some was the results putting Team Liquid in a tie for 5th place.

    Team Liquid was a top pick for most fans being put at 2nd or even 1st for some based of their performance last year. Team Liquid was one of the three teams to make it to World’s 2021 but failed to make it through qualifiers.

  • Evil Geniuses steals Elder from Cloud 9

    EG’s Jungler Inspired pulled out a clean steal as Cloud9 looked to secure one of the most important objectives in the game.

    Despite this epic steal Cloud9 pushed back taking the victory.

    To see all the intense moments from that game check out the Full VOD available by Clicking Here

  • FlyQuest Pull's Off Insane Secure!

    Another clean get away this by FlyQuest’s Jungler ‘Josedeodo’ both teams looked to secure an important team buffer. This insane last minute play helped FlyQuest beat out Golden Guardians in what was a very close game until this moment.

    Watch how one team fight decided the entire game by Clicking Here for the whole VOD.