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New Jersey Is Home To One Of The Best Holiday Restaurants

This time of year one thing everyone can agree upon is that food takes center stage. In New Jersey there is a family-style restaurant this is one of the best options for a great holiday celebration meal. In fact, this establishment also has two locations in New York City. The Company What do you look for when deciding upon the perfect place to have a festive holiday gathering? Ideally here, we are thinking about larger-sized groups. Think eight people or more. Perhaps its a lunch party with coworkers where you have the comfort of sitting in this restaurant for as many hours as you'd like. There's no need to return to the office. You are celebrating while you are being celebrated. Or, it could be a more concise evening dinner. Where you are meeting with a select group of friends and family to have your annual holiday meal. It's a party where you leverage the giving spirit of the holiday season and toast the opportunity to be together. That's what we are going for here. The Cuisine Now, on to the food. It would be easy to say this is the secondary part of the equation where the food portion "doesn't matter, it's the company." Well, let's be honest. A delicious menu certainly helps make this an occasion you really look forward to each year. The ideal layout here is for the restaurant to serve family-style meals. These are large plates that are passed around and shared with the entire table. There are options where either the host selects a variety in hopes of finding something for everyone. Or, each person around the table picks an item off the menu. In New Jersey, there is an Italian restaurant that checks every box above. Furthermore, they decorate the interior exquisitely to really enhance your holiday gathering vibe. Carmine's Located at 2801 Pacific Avenue in Atlantic City, Carmine's NJ is inside The Quarter at the Tropicana Hotel. Most of all, it is the ultimate family-style restaurant. Oversized plates of chicken parmesan, numerous pasta options, and salads taste just as amazing as they look. The menu also has vegetarian options, steaks, and elegant desserts. Here, you are not rushed out so it is highly encouraged you ease into the joyous experience by ordering an appetizer platter (garlic bread, fried calamari, or baked clams really start it off with a bang). The ambiance includes a wide floor plan that has the feel of a giant living room. For the holiday season the walls, pillars, bars, and bannisters are covered in red decorations and garland. Then, the best part of this New Jersey restaurant that is perfect for holiday dining, is looking around and seeing the other parties laughing, smiling, and enjoying their time together. If you are heading into New York for some holiday fun, you can also check out Carmine's in the theatre district or on the Upper West Side. Reservation options and a sneak peak at the menu can be found at If want to really get your appetite going you can follow Carmine's on Instagram. [select-gallery gallery_id="229704" syndication_name="bruce-springsteen-top-50-songs-ranked" description="yes"]

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