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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is gearing up for its newly designed Set 7.5 will all new changes and challenges for players to get a grasp on two of the biggest takeaways when looking at upcoming changes to TFT. 

Firstly, this new Uncharted Realms set will be live next week September 8th, so we still have some time to get ready for it, but one of the biggest changes besides champions and compositions will be the new treasure dragons. In this latest set, the treasure dragon was a late-game event that allowed players to choose a list of items they would receive or they could reroll the list for one gold per roll. The items could be anything from gold, full items, or even on rare occasions a rare item like the Tactician’s crown which gave players +1 to their team size. This event will still be in this new set, but there are now three different shops players have a chance of getting, the new ones are titled the Chaos and Order Treasure Dragon respectively.  

Starting with Chaos it seems like it will work like the treasure dragon does right now, having a variety of different things being offered however, instead of items, you may also see rare items like Ornn artifacts or even target dummies and emblems in this shop, but the Order Dragon will have a guaranteed Radiant item, which is basically a buffed version of a regular item. These are massive game changers that can either have someone make a comeback or secure victory for someone already ahead. Though the majority of the time you’ll see the basic treasure dragon so it’ll be curious to see how this really affects gameplay. 

The other major change that I feel is important to discuss is the way Dragons work, for those who don’t know this whole set is revolving around you guessed it, dragons. However right now, if you want to play more than one dragon at a time, you need a special augment or you won’t get the benefit they have of giving +3 to certain traits. Well in 7.5 the team has done away with that, now you can play any number of dragons and get rewarded for it. We’re also seeing 5 new dragon units being added, bringing the total to 12. These buffs range from increased health all the way to damage increase. 

On top of these big changes are a bunch of smaller champions and trait changes that will have big implications for certain strategies that are currently used now, that have been described as annoying or toxic the two I can think of are Astral and Shimmer Scale the former of which has changed how the trait actually works.  

This is certainly a change for the better in my opinion and will bring a nice freshness to the set without going over the top, however, nothing is concert until September, so there might be some minor adjustments before then. 

13 Tailgating Essentials You Can’t Skip Out On

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I’m pumped that football season is in full swing! My favorite part about football season isn’t just Game Day, but the tailgate party beforehand. So because I know I’m going to be tailgating really soon, I figured I’d give you my Must Have tailgating essentials list. 

  • Pop Up Canopy

    You need a pop-up canopy. Trust me, if you’re trying to talk yourself out of it for any reason I highly recommend having one. The pop-up canopy tent will help keep you out of the sun and rain in the event it happens. Sitting in the sun during the tailgate and then again when you’re in the stadium, while you’re drinking, is a bad combo. It tends to result in dehydration and possible medical issues. Keep yourself and your food in the shade.

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  • Inflatable Coolers

    I have two options on this list for you for keeping food and drinks cold! The first are these inflatable coolers. They work well for keeping things like pasta salad or other cold food items that you want out when you’re tailgating.

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  • Crock Pot

    All hail the Crock Pot! Whether it’s sloppy joes, buffalo chicken dip, or some other warm yummy goodness the crock pot is one of my favorite tailgating essentials. You and I both know you’re going to be eating before the game, so keep your food warm with an easy slow cooker! 

  • Portable Power Station

    Anytime I’ve gone tailgating and needed power I have always relied on a portable generator of some kind. This power station is solarpowered and has a pure Sine Wave AC outlet (110V 200W 400W Peak), 2* USB-A ports (5V, 2.4A), and 1* 12V DC carportSo you can make sure your phone and other essentials stay charged without having to turn your car on. 

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  • Camping Table with Storage

    Not only is this a great tailgating essential, but it can be used anytime you go camping! I love having a camping table like this while I’m tailgating because it gives you a spot for storage for things like plates and plasticware, as well as a spot to lay out all the food! 

    Score Yours Now On Amazon
  • Bluetooth Speaker

    You will want a Bluetooth speaker. You’re going to want to avoid using your car’s sound system for your tailgating playlist because you might end up needing a jump after the game. This JBL speaker is one of my favorites. It’s waterproof and the sound quality/volume level is pretty great! It comes in 12 different color choices too. 

    Snag One Here On Amazon
  • A Cooler with Ample Space

    Most people tailgate in a group, which means lots of food and drinks. To keep all of that cold, I recommend getting a cooler with a good amount of storage space. This 62quart cooler from Coleman holds up to 95 cans! It can also double as a seat when you’re not reaching in to grab things.

    Get One Here On Amazon
  • Clear Crossbody Bag

    For all of my friends out there who need a bag, a clear crossbody bag is the way to go. A lot of stadiums have restrictions nowadays that say you need a clear bag. This one has an adjustable strap and will fit your wallet, keys, phone, sanitizer, masks, basically everything you might want to take into the stadium with you. 

    Get Yours Now On Amazon
  • Condiment Caddy

    Hotdogs and hamburgers are the staple food of tailgating. They’re quick, easy, and delicious. But if you’re like me I’m sure you love adding a few condiments to your burgers and dogs. This condiment caddy has five spots for whatever you need chilled and includes tongs and serving spoons. The best part is that the compartment below is designed so you can put it all on ice!

    Get Yours Now On Amazon
  • Food Caddies

    I tend to avoid paper plates when I’m tailgating and it’s usually because they never hold enough for me. These food caddies are great because there is a compartment for your drink and they’re foldable, so once you’re done using it you can fold it right up. 

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Portable Grill

    You can’t forget the grill. Having a portable grill for your tailgating is huge! This charcoal tabletop grill is easy to use and easy to carry. Plus it will make a great addition to your camping gear. 

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  • Storage Drawers

    Okay if you’ve never thought about storage drawers for your tailgating essentials I can’t wait to open your mind to it! These are so great for storage. I’m talking about how you can put all of your grill gear, condiments, paperware, speaker, etc. In these convenient drawers. It makes packing so much easier too.  

  • Cornhole

    And you can’t forget the cornhole boards! Playing cornhole before the game is a ton of fun and if you’re looking for a way to make sure you kill time before the game, this is the way to go. 

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Please note that items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time we published this list. Have an idea for a fun theme for a gift idea list you’d like us to create?  Drop us a line at

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