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The 7 Best Sports Anime That Every Sports Lover Should Watch

I have been watching anime since early middle school and I say proudly that sometimes the shows, characters, and stories are better than what we see on standard television. Though there is a certain genre that has some of the best quality and top-hitting titles and that's the sports genre. I really liked sports anime when I first started watching, however now I can appreciate a good story, killer animation, and an explanation of the game in an easier-to-understand format. It might add some elements for the theatric effect, but it doesn't always take away from the sport or story. So with the likes of Megalobox which presented an underdog story like Rockeyto the most recent Blue Lock that had Japan's soccer team wearing the animes uniforms in the World Cup. These are the best sports anime that I think every sports fan should at least give a chance.

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