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Stay Connected with Jered Eastmond

Stay Connected with Jered Eastmond

Stay Connected with Jered Eastmond

I have been watching anime since early middle school and I say proudly that sometimes the shows, characters, and stories are better than what we see on standard television.

Though there is a certain genre that has some of the best quality and top-hitting titles and that’s the sports genre.

I really liked sports anime when I first started watching, however now I can appreciate a good story, killer animation, and an explanation of the game in an easier-to-understand format.

It might add some elements for the theatric effect, but it doesn’t always take away from the sport or story. So with the likes of Megalobox which presented an underdog story like Rockeyto the most recent Blue Lock that had Japan’s soccer team wearing the animes uniforms in the World Cup.

These are the best sports anime that I think every sports fan should at least give a chance.

  • 7. Kuroko's Basketball

    Kuroko’s Basketball at its core is a story about chasing victory through teamwork, it is considered one of the best sports anime as it revolves not around one single person but the whole team as we see their struggles, loses, and wins.

    It does well in portraying basketball and the love that players have for the game. So even if you aren’t a sports fan this is still a great watch. And with multiple seasons you can binge to your heart’s delight.

  • 6. Yuri!!! on Ice

    Yuri on Ice is one of the anime that my generation grew up with as we were in late high school by 2016.

    By that point, I did the show an injustice, but I’ve grown to appreciate the animation quality and just overall great storytelling as we see an ice skater’s passion reignited.

    The title has won several awards despite only being one season long, one of which was the first-ever Anime of The year award given by Crunchyroll.

  • 5. Run With The Wind

    Run With The Wind was the first sports anime I ever watched and it really got me into the genre as prior I never really had an interest.

    Though this anime focuses on a borderline non-existent relay team with a captain who wishes to enter one of the country’s most demanding and challenging relay marathons.

    The show focuses on the stories of each runner and their struggles with either becoming skilled runners or their past as talented runners who faced their own struggles. It’s the perfect anime for those hesitant to get into either anime in general or sports anime.

  • 4. Bridie Wing: Golf Girls' Story

    Golf and explosions what could be better?! I’ll be the first to admit it. Golf isn’t my favorite sport, but this show brings a whole new light and appreciation to the sport.

    It helps that the characters are loveable and there is an underground mafia subplot. But right now season two is in full swing and showing why it’s a top-tier sports anime.

  • 3. Megalobox

    Megalobox is a classic underdog story as we see the reinvention of the boxing we know now as in the show it has been futurized with mechanical arms called ‘gear’.

    Though our protagonist Joe who fights in the slums is forced to throw his fights until he meets the current champion. He then decides to use his actual skill to go for the big league and without any gear.

    Besides the great story, I love the animation style as it was released in 2018, but looks like an upscaled ’90s anime.

  • 2. Haikyuu!!

    Now some say Haikyuu!! is one of the best sports anime of all time and it’s certainly earned such claims. We see a college volleyball team trying to reclaim the title of the top team after what was considered the team’s golden years have come and gone.

    The main character is great as despite being short he dreams of being an ace spiker and he has real talent that is matched by his team. If you’re into sports this anime keeps it focused and has great cliffhangers.

  • 1. Blue Lock

    Blue Lock might be the most recent anime on this list, but in just one season it’s climbed the ranks in my top sports anime.

    It enhances the sport of soccer by making it into this intense elimination training course where the people behind it are looking to reinvent the way soccer is played. This is a show where nobody is really safe as they could be kicked out with a single goal.

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