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HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 08: A general view of atmosphere during the Los Angeles screening of Netflix's "Squid Game" on November 08, 2021 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Ever since the popular Netflix original titled Squid Games shook up the entertainment industry man fans have been seeking a way to simulate the tension and gameplay aspect. One Indie developer saw this as their chance creating the title Crab Game, a causal multiplayer battle royal, where up to 100 players can duke it out in mini games where only one can be left standing. 

The game is free on Steam and has grown in popularity thanks to streams such as Moistcr1tikal and Sr_Kaif streaming to hundreds of thousands of viewers, even going as far as to place the game on Twitch leaderboard for most watched games in November. Coming in 16th place, which may seem like a low number, it currently is beating out games such as Dead by Daylight and Amazon’s MMORPG New World.  

As for the developer that goes by the name Dani they are more than happy about the positive attention the game as received tweeting out when the game reached a peak of 50,000 players. As for reviews, the game is receiving a very positive review tag on steam with over 20,000 reviews. 

In recent news, Sunday the 7th, the game has just received its first content update fixing minor and major bug issues after it was relieved that Ip’s of players were being leaked. As well as adding a new game mode called race and several new maps. 

Dani address’s fans requests for more content saying in the steam post “A lot of you are requesting customization, so I will be working on that next, as well as more maps and game modes.” (Dani) We’ll will keep an eye out for what else this fun and casual game has to bring us as it continues to grow.