New York Giants

EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY - NOVEMBER 10: The New York Giants line up against the New York Jets during their game at MetLife Stadium on November 10, 2019 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

The NFL loves New York.

The New York Giants and Jets will have a combined total of 10 prime-time games during the 2023 season.

Think about it, last year the Giants and Jets combined to appear in only three prime-time games between them.

The Giants open the season at home under the lights on Sunday night football against the Dallas Cowboys on September 10. After a visit to the Desert to see the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2, the G-Men travel to San Francisco to face the 49ers on Thursday Night Football, September 21.

On October 2, the Giants will host the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night football. That’s three prime-time games in the season’s opening four weeks for Big Blue.

The Giants face the Buffalo Bills in Week 6 on Sunday Night Football, and the Green Bay Packers in Week 14 on Monday Night Football.

As for the Jets, well, this is what happens when Aaron Rodgers comes to town.

The Jets are featured in five prime-time games, and will also play in the first-ever Black Friday game on November 24 against the Miami Dolphins.

The Jets open the season on September 11 against the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football.

After clashes with the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots in Weeks 2 and 3, the Jets host the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs in Week 4 on Sunday Night Football.

Two weeks later the Jets host the defending NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles at the Meadowlands.

In November the Jets will have back-t0-back prime time slots. First in Week 9 against the LA Chargers at MetLife Stadium on Monday Night Football, and then a week later in Las Vegas against the Raiders on Sunday Night Football.

The Jets’ final prime-time game comes in Week 17 on December 28 at the Cleveland Browns (could be a trap game).

Are you ready for some football?

13 Viral Products You Need In Your Arsenal

If there’s something here you decide you just have to have, we’ve provided links to the product websites. If you click on the link and make a purchase, Beasley Media Group may earn a commission. Have an idea for a fun theme for a gift idea list you’d like us to create? Drop us a line at


Listen, we know they say don’t trust everything you read on the internet. But there are definitely some things that are worth it and viral products are one of them! Whether they got popular because of TikTok or Instagram or Facebook, there are some seriously cool gadgets out in the marketplace that has stirred up some notoriety for them. And so yes, we’ve put together a list of viral products that you will definitely want in your arsenal of gadgets.

  • 1) The ChomChom Roller

    I thought people were joking about this. Because seriously, how could this tiny handheld roller be better than a vacuum? But whoever put their magic into this product is a genius because trust me it works beautifully. In my household, we have three cats and a dog. All of which shed like nobody’s business. We are constantly vacuuming and trying to pick up hair, and once we bought this ChomChom roller our lives changed. It rolls easily along our couch’s fabric and picks up so much hair. It’s also easy to dispose of. There isn’t a ton of mess and it just works so well. I’ve seen numerous cleaning professionals on TikTok talk about how this is a tool they will always carry with them.

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  • 2) Scrub Daddy & Scrub Mommy

    I bought these on a whim because I wanted to be cool like the people on TikTok (yes, that’s dumb I agree), but the reality is these things are incredible. I’ve used both the Scrub Daddy and the Scrub Mommy sponges for over six months now and I have no desire to go back to what we used before. Not only do I feel like they clean the dishes better, but they have so many cool features that help you clean hard-to-reach things. Like the mouth is perfect for scrubbing spoons. And the eye holes are great so if you want to get down in the bottom of the cup you have an easy way to pull the sponge out.


    I’ve also really loved using the color-coded system for our home too. This 3-pack of Scrub Daddy colors is the first pack I ever bought. I designated the blue sponge for dishes, the orange sponge for kitchen appliances, and the green sponge for the bathroom. And yes, it works wonderfully on all of those surfaces!

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  • 3) Packing Cubes For Traveling

    If you are a frequent traveler or you’re planning on taking a long trip and need to pack a lot, these packing cubes are exactly what you need. I’ve seen several travel bloggers praise packing cubes because they are incredibly helpful for keeping your suitcase organized and fitting more into the space you have. Especially if you take the Maria Kondo approach where you align all of the clothes so you can see everything.

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  • 4) The Pink Stuff

    If you’ve seen any of the videos from CleanTok then the Pink Stuff is definitely on your radar. The Pink Stuff is a super great cleaner that works well for deep cleaning kitchens and bathrooms.

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  • 5) Heatless Curls

    While I have yet to try this tool it has one that I’m eager to test out! So many of the reviews are promising, displaying very gorgeous heatless waves that make me envious.

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  • 6) Buddeez Bread Container

    If you are looking for a new way to store your bread this is the gadget for you. This containers unique designs helps you pull new bread up.

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  • 7) Car Seat Headrest Hooks

    Friends, if you carry a bag or if you want to utilize more space in your car for groceries you gotta grab these. I just grab these for my car and seriously it’s great. I used to constantly put my purse on the passenger seat and when I had passengers I had to put it on the floor. This allows me to put my purse somewhere safe and accessible without having to get it dirty or risk having to hurt myself to grab it at a moment’s notice.

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  • 8) Bed MadEZ Mattress Lifter

    The minute I saw this on TikTok I knew I needed to own it. I hate having to make my bed, but I love clean sheets. And this mattress lifter make my life so much easier. It fits under the mattress and lifts it a little bit so you can easily put your fitted sheet on without having to do a ton of extra strenuous work.

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  • 9) AirFly Wireless Headphone Jack For Airplanes

    Most everyone has wireless headphones nowadays. But airplanes don’t usually have a wireless headphone capability. Enter AirFly. It plugs into the standard headphone audio jack and then you can connect your wireless headphones to the AirFly and listen to the TV screen in the airplane.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 10) Mini Portable Desk Vacuum

    I don’t know about you, but one challenge I have when I clean is that my vacuum is too large to clean smaller spaces like my desk. And I hate having to go through mountains of paper towels or cleaning wipes just to get things clean on my desk. That’s why this mini portable desk vacuum is awesome. It works beautifully in desk drawers, around the desk and so much more.

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  • 11) Electric Candle Lighter

    These electric lighters are really cool. You never have to worry about them running out of lighter fluid because they are rechargeable. This one also features a cool 360-degree neck that works well for candles with a deeper wick.

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  • 12) O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

    One thing about these O-Cedar mops is the fact that you can easily wring the mop. Unlike other mops where you have to pull really hard to wring the mop head, these O-Cedar spin mops are great because you can wring the mop out by spinning the head. They are a fan favorite on TikTok and of cleaners everywhere.

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  • 13) Milk Frother

    It’s silly I know, but I love having this milk frother. I love making iced coffee at home, and one way that I get the perfect iced coffee is using a milk frother. They’re easy to use and battery-operated!

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Please note that items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time we published this list. Have an idea for a fun theme for a gift idea list you’d like us to create?  Drop us a line at