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PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA - JUNE 6: Russell Wilson #3 of the Pittsburgh Steelers looks to pass during the Pittsburgh Steelers OTA offseason workout at UPMC Rooney Sports Complex on June 6 2024 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Heading into training camp for the 2024 season there are some interesting Quarterback battles to watch. The Steelers need to decide if they are going to be in with the “old” player (Rusell Wilson) or in with the “new”(Justin Fields). In Minnesota, the Vikings are dealing with a battle that will have to be decided during August as we expect their QB situation to be very fluent throughout the summer. Which direction will the New England Patriots go at Quarterback, with the Patriots having a QB controversy to start off their first season without Bill Belichick? Will the Raiders take a chance on the potential upside or will they roll with the proven commodity, that’s a big decision to look out for this upcoming summer. Finally, will the Giants decide to move on from Daniel Jones, or will he be able to get back to the level he was at in 2022. The 2024 biggest offseason battles heading into training camps.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Justin Fields vs Russell Wilson

    Fields vs Wilson is by far and away the most interesting quarterback “competition” of the off season, and it is only starting to heat up as the season creeps closer. Wilson, is looking to change the narrative on his post Seattle Seahawk career, and he decided to try and do that with the Steelers when he signed a one-year contract in Pittsburgh. Wilson made this decision not knowing the Steelers would trade just three days later for someone who resembles his younger self, Justin Fields.

    Last year Wilsons team struggled mightily but Wilsons numbers were not as bad as one may think, given all the scrutiny he received last year leading to his release from the Denver Broncos. Wilson threw for 3,000 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions in 15 of 17 games this past season. The Steelers are hoping that a change of scenery for Wilson is all he needs to get back to a near top level QB.

    Wilsons Competition, Justin Fields has come onto camp with a huge chip on his shoulder looking like the future in Pittsburgh. Fields took a major leap forward last year, even in a bad position with the Chicago Bears. Fields, only 25, took a major leap forward this year especially when it came to just watching him play. He is explosive, has a strong arm, and has the ability to beat you with his legs on any given play, something that would fit perfectly in Steelers new Offensive Coordinators Arthur Smiths offense. Fields threw for 2,500 yards, with 16 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. Fields also added 657 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns last season, something the Steelers really liked about his game.

    The Steelers should go with the future and see what Justin Fields can be. The team will also have to decide at some point if they are going to resign Fields to an extension. In a conference with Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, CJ Stroud, and Josh Allen the Steelers are going to need a young QB, to develop into a star if they want to compete at a high level with these other great teams. Wilson has the grip on the job right now, but no one knows better than him that a young player can come in and take a veteran’s job at any second, because he did it to Matt Flynn in Seattle in 2012, after Seattle gave Flynn a big contract.

  • Minnesota Vikings: JJ McCarthy vs Sam Darnold

    The post Kirk Cousins era has begun, but who is going to be the first QB to take over for the Vikings in 2024. The number 10 pick in the 2024 NFL draft JJ McCarthy seems like he SHOULD be the favorite to man the positions for the Vikings in week one, but will he. That being said, veteran journeyman Sam Darnold who was once the Number two pick in the draft is not going to make the decision easy for the Vikings for this upcoming season.

    JJ McCarthy has the clear edge from the teams investment capital standpoint, considering they used a top 10 pick on McCarthy in this year’s past draft. Just because that capital was spent on McCarthy doesn’t mean he will get the nod day one. The Vikings have a great receiving corps led by Justin Jefferson who just recieved a record-breaking contract, and Jordan Addison a very good second year receiver from USC.  McCarthy the Michigan product has a lot of college experience under his belt and is coming off of a National Championship, which may have helped his draft stock. Is Kevin O’Connell looking to throw a rookie QB straight into what is expected to be a high-powered Viking offense, or will he want some more stability, at least early in the season.

    Darnold, has been around for seven seasons after once being the second pick in the NFL draft. Darnold has not started more than 10 games in a season since 2021, where he started for the Carolina Panthers. Darnold threw for 2,500 yards, while throwing for an abysmal nine touchdowns to 13 interceptions in 12 games played. Darnold’s most recent season came with the San Franisco 49ers, where he backed up Brock Purdy. Darnold may have learned from such a great organization and a high-powered offense making him a potential good option early on in the season for the Vikings.  This makes him more experienced, and a real option if the Vikings deem McCarthy not ready for NFL football early on in the season.

    The upside is clearly with McCarthy, and it will just be a matter of if the Vikings think he is ready or not for the NFL or if he needs a little time to progress as a player and learn.

  • New England Patriots: Drake Maye vs Jacoby Brissett

    The post Belichick has begun in New England and they wasted no time getting their potential franchise QB. Drake Maye the number three pick in the 2024 NFL draft whose NFL comparison is future Hall of Famer Ben Rothlisberger is certainly setup to have an opportunity to Quarterback New England for potentially the next 15 years, but will it happen this year or next.         The Patriots brought back Jacoby Brissett who was on the team in 2016 but only appeared in three games. Brissett was a starter in Indianapolis, Miami, and Cleveland during his career and has the experience that may allow Maye to sit behind him for the beginning of Mayes career.

    Maye, maybe the rawest Quarterback coming out in this past NFL draft may also have the highest ceiling. Maye, the starter for the North Carolina Tar Heels the past two seasons showed ability to extend plays and make throws on the run, while also having a big frame making him harder to take down. Maye might be able to show he is ready for the job week one if he can progress and have a strong training camp.

    Jacoby Brissett wants another chance to be a starting QB in the NFL and he is certainly serviceable and capable enough to afford the Patriots some time if they do indeed deem Maye not ready for NFL action early on this season or just want to let him sit and learn for the whole year. New England has already changed the old philosophy of the team and may be willing to let Maye have growing pains as the week one starter.

    Maye offers the upside, but will he be ready for week one and should the Patriots want to throw him straight into the fire of the NFL?

  • Las Vegas Raiders: Aidan O'Connell vs Gardner Minshew

    The Raiders did not address the Quarterback position so far this offseason and are going into training camp with a QB battle of Aidan O’Connell vs Gardner Minshew. O’Connell the second year fourth round pick in the 2023 NFL draft held his own in 11 games for the Raiders, producing 2,218 yards, 12 TDs, and 7 INTs during his first year in the pros. Gardner Minshew a veteran who is very serviceable while also performing at a high level at times earning the nickname “Minshew magic”. Minshew started 13 games for the colts last year and threw for 3,305 yards, 15 TDs, and 9 INTs.

    The Raiders best chance to win games this year is with Gardner Minshew considering his history of performing well as a starting QB, but O’Connell offers potential growth and upside if he can become a player no one thought he would be to this point. This is expected to be a true QB battle that lasts throughout the entire offseason with the edge having to go to O’Connell due to his age and potential growth upside.

  • New York Giants: Daniel Jones vs Drew Lock

    Jones vs Lock is an interesting quarterback competition because of how much money Jones makes, and the growing sense that the New York Giants want to move on from him. Jones has a lengthy injury history, and his performance has declined since the Giants gave him his massive four year 160-million-dollar contract deal after he led the Giants to the playoffs in 2022. The Giants were thought to have been planning to move on from Jones in the draft, but the board didn’t fall their way and they took the best wide receiver available, Malik Nabers.
    Jones is coming off a horrendous season which saw him throw only two touchdowns, and 6 interceptions in just six games prior to a torn ACL that ended his season. Jones is almost fully recovered from his ACL injury and is fully expected to be the Giants week one quarterback. Due to Jones injury history and poor performance despite his 2019 and 2022 seasons, it’s not completely out of the question that at some point during the season he is replaced by newly acquired Drew Lock.
    While Jones is the starter for the Giants heading into 2024, a strong camp from Lock, combined with potentially early season struggles from Daniel Jones, could force the Giants hand to potentially move on. Lock only 27 came over from Seattle during the offseason, Locks highest game total came in 2020 where he played 13 games for the Denver Broncos, and he struggled mightily. Lock threw for 2,933 yards, while adding 16 touchdowns on 15 interceptions.
    It is very likely that the answer to the Giants QB question is not currently on the team. If the Giants do have to decide to move from Jones to Lock it will be very likely that they will be picking early once again in this 2025 draft, a draft where they may find their potential franchise QB.

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