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Jersey Movie Theater Hosting 15 Hour Movie Marathon

Even the strongest of movie lovers might have a difficult time sitting through this year's Vulgarthon! For the first time, the event is making its way to Smodcastle Cinemas in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey! What is Vulgarthon Vulgarthon is described as a "sort-of-annual-but-not-really" movie event. This is thrown and hosted by Red Bank's own Kevin Smith, who directs the featured movies. Kevin Smith is best known for his portrait as Silent Bob in the Clerks Franchise, as well as a few spin-off films featuring his best friend Jay, played by Jason Mewes. [caption id="attachment_117248" align="aligncenter" width="488"] HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 14: Kevin Smith (L) and Jason Mewes arrive at the premiere of Saban Films' "Jay & Silent Bob Reboot" at TCL Chinese Theatre on October 14, 2019 in Hollywood, California.[/caption] This year, moviegoers will go boldly, take a seat, and watch EVERY live-action Asknewiverse film back-to-back. Ultimately, those in attendance are looking at just under 14 hours of film time. Assuming bathroom breaks/intermissions are allowed, it is going to be a 15-hour ordeal. What is the Askewniverse And What Will You Watch? The View Askewniverse is a fictional world created and lorded over by Kevin Smith.  It is named after his production company, View Askew Productions. Fans of the fictional world will note that Jay and Silent Bob appear in almost every single film in some capacity. Other characters from one story will often appear in another movie as well. Actors are often hired by Smith to play multiple characters. Sometimes, even in the same movie! The fictional universe consists of nine major films, as well as a handful of short films, and comic books. Each medium takes place in locations like Leonardo, Highlands, and Red Bank, all located in Monmouth County. Per the Smodcastle website, the movies and times for the Vulgarthon are as follows. Clerks at 11:00 am Mallrats at 1:00 pm Chasing Amy at 3:00 pm Dogma at 5:00 pm Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back at 8:00 pm Clerks II at 10:00 pm Jay and Silent Bob Reboot at 12:00 am Clerks III at 2:00 AM Finally, Those with the fortitude to stick it out will earn an "I Survived Vulgarthon ’24" coin. All purchased tickets come with a signed poster for the event. Anybody interested in purchasing a ticket can do so here.    

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