DETROIT, MI - APRIL 19: Miguel Cabrera #24 of the Detroit Tigers hits his 2,996 hit during the second inning of a game against the New York Yankees at Comerica Park on April 19, 2022, in Detroit, Michigan.

Today may just be an important day in MLB history. Tigers player Jose Miguel Cabrena, also known as Miggy, is just one hit away from joining an exclusive MLB club.

Cabrena is one hit shy of joining the 3000-hit club which would make him only the 33rd player to join the club.

The last player in MLB to join this club was back in 2018 and the current record holder in the club is over four-thousand hits which were made by Pete Rose, now that a new member is joining the club, let’s look at his history and what has led him to this moment.

Miggy started his professional career for the Miami Marlins in 2003, what a year to start with as he placed fifth in the rookie of the year vote. As well as going on to win the 2003 World Series, however, he has been with his current team since 2008 where he has won multiple awards, even being named the 2012 and 2013 American League MVP.

He did face injuries in his 2018-2019 years, but thanks to his recovery he was able to continue to play up to where he is now winding up to add his name to the 3000-hit club, this would be yet another milestone for him as last season he passed 500 home runs, but also on top of 3000 hits, he is one double away from 600, a milestone of which only 16 other players have reached.

Now the pressure is on as we look to see if he can pull it off today or will fans have to wait another day to see Miguel be added to what is one of the shortest milestones lists in MBL history. The Tigers certainly are having it rough continuing on a three-game losing streak. The match will be against the Yankees. The Yankees have been playing very well on top of being one of the leading teams for Strikeouts so far.

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