Deadpool Calls Himself ‘Marvel Jesus’ In New Trailer

Ryan Reynolds is returning as Deadpool and he chose the best time to drop a trailer: during the Super Bowl. In a new teaser that dropped Sunday (February 11) evening, Reynolds' Wade is celebrating his birthday. With his horribly scarred face, he smiles to his companions. With a special surprise of Succession star Matthew Macfayden, Wade is arrested by the TVA (the Time Variance Authority). As we've seen in the Loki Disney+ series, the TVA is a cosmic organization that keeps timelines in order. Deadpool is as meta as ever, stating in the teaser, "Your little cinematic universe is about to change forever." We see him approached by what is clearly Wolverine by his horned hair from the back. It cuts to a scene where he tells Macfayden confidently, "I'm the Messiah." And then:  "I... Am... Marvel Jesus." In the final fight sequence teased in the teaser, Deadpool insults his new right-hand man. Laying on the cracked ground, Wolverine walks right up to him, covering him in his shadow. Deadpool raises his head up to demand: "Don't just stand there, you ape. Give me a hand up." Wolverine responds by unleashing his claws. Upon realizing his rudeness and how those claws will rip him up, he backtracks his orders and exclaims, "Nope. I'm actually okay, thank you very much!" One fan of the pair-up commented on the teaser: "This really feels like the step forward the MCU needed." Another fan commented, "Going from how terribly Deadpool was handled in Origins: Wolverine to how great the first Deadpool movie was and how Ryan Reynolds acknowledged it and did right by the fans and has treated this character with so much passion is my favorite storyline of all." Deadpool & Wolverine releases in theaters on July 26. As of now, it's the only Marvel Cinematic Universe film scheduled for 2024 (although Sony will release some films in the Spider-Man universe this year: Madame Web, Kraven the Hunter and Venom 3. It's also the first film in the MCU starring X-Men characters (although other characters have cameoed in recent films). Watch the official teaser below: [select-listicle listicle_id="448456" syndication_name="ryan-reynolds-thinks-these-disney-classics-deserve-r-ratings" description="yes"]

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