The Kraft Heinz Food Company responsible for Kraft Mac and Cheese is being sued for 5 million dollars over their easy-to-make microwavable Velveeta Shells. Amanda Ramirez of Florida whose lawyers filed the suit this past month says the product is profiting off of a blatant false advertisement.

CNN got the scoop when court documents revealed the suit is over the three-and-a-half-minute prep time that appears on the box. Ramirez claims that it takes longer than that to make the product thus the easy-to-make soft shell product is false and misleading according to the complaint. With the added steps of removing the lid, adding water, and stirring it is “impossible” for it to be made in the time displayed.

The parent company Kraft Heinz Food called the lawsuit frivolous in a statement given to CNN and plans to defend against the allegations. Though this is much more than just the time it takes to make the product. The real issue Ramirez claims is the price of the product tied to the “false” time stamp. The allegations claim that Kraft is charging an increased price premium because of the “Ready in three and a half minute label” Consumers see this easy-to-make meal and buy it for the connivance despite paying what Ramirez thinks is too much if she had known the truth prior to purchasing the product.

On top of the 5 million dollar price tag in damages, the plaintiff is looking for punitive damages as well and wants Kraft Heinz to cease their “deceptive advertisement” of easy make mac and cheese and be made to run a corrective advertising campaign. I’m not sure what to think about this as she may have a point in some regard. But seriously all of this over a few extra seconds of time, but I get it people want to save money, and if the company is truly ripping people off as the allegations claim then Ramirez might just win.

The Best Movies To Watch When You're Sick

  • Action-Adventure Movies

    The Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games trilogy ranked highest in the survey for the best action-adventure film (36%). We’ve definitely watched the Sorcerer’s Stone over ten times since it came out in 2001.

  • Watching With Children

    When parents are sick with their children, the most popular movies to watch is, again, the Harry Potter series (32%). Harry Potter is tied with the Toy Story series. They also watch movies like Frozen (30%), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (28%) and Moana (25%).

  • Comfort Movie

    Comfort movies like School of Rock, The Devil Wears Prada and any Pixar-animated movie (let’s use Monsters Inc. as a great example the whole family can enjoy) are films that you’ve probably watched over and over and over again. And yet, they don’t get old. Of those surveyed, comfort movies have been respondents’ favorite movie for about six years because it reminds them of good times (61%) and makes them laugh (53%).

  • Favorites To Pass To Kids -- Movies

    Millennial parents grew up watching movies like Home Alone, Anastasia, Space Jam, Homeward Bound and The Road to El Dorado. 63% of parents agree that they’ve passed their love of their favorite movie along to their child.

  • Favorites To Pass To Kids -- TV Shows

    Growing up in the ’90s with Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and basic cable gave millennial parents quite a LOT of television shows to choose from. Some of the best from the ’90s to early 2000s include Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Rolie Polie Olie, The Wild Thornberries and that freaky Zoboomafoo show about a lemur.

  • On Repeat -- Movies

    Some of our favorite movies that we can watch over and over again include The Big Lebowski, Kiki’s Delivery Service, the Rush Hour series (thanks Dad), True Grit and Mean Girls.

  • On Repeat -- TV Shows

    Some of our favorite shows that we can watch over and over again include Atlanta, Breaking Bad, True Detective and Curb Your Enthusiasm.