Ex-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to Run for President Again in 2024

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is ready to throw his hat back into the ring for President of the United States. Initially broken by Axios, reports Wednesday indicate Christie will announce his intentions to run as a Republican next Tuesday at a Town Hall meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire. Christie has become a staunch critic of former President Donald Trump, after being a huge supporter of his during Trump's initial run at the White House in 2016. The former two-term Governor was even the head of Trump's transition team, and prepped him for debates with current President Joe Biden back in 2020. Christie is no stranger to this stage having run a failed attempt at the GOP nomination back in 2016. The former governor served New Jersey from 2010-2018. Prior to his run as Governor, Christie was the U.S. District Attorney for the Garden State. In addition to being governor, Christie was constantly in the public eye, and sometimes the center of controversy.  Town Hall meetings were always interesting, where he not only engaged with constituents, but butt-heads with his harshest critics. Controversy did follow the governor. In 2013 Christie became linked to the closure of two lanes in Fort Lee due to what many termed political retribution against Fort Lee's Democratic mayor, a scandal that ended in two Christie aids going to prison. Christie was not criminally charged. In 2017 he drew heat for the infamous beach photo just after the beaches and state parks were closed due to a government shutdown. And, who could forget Christie hanging out with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones? [select-am am_id="82319" syndication_name="12-bobs-burgers-items-the-ulimate-fan-needs"]  

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