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If there’s one thing I absolutely love hot or sometimes even cold it’s pizza! And nothing screams pizza more than a local and delicious New Jersey pie. Though with over 3000 different pizza restaurants spread across the Garden State it’s hard to figure out which places give you the most dough for your buck.

Well thankfully PizzaOvenRadar has ranked the top ten best pizza places right here in Somerset County. So whether you like it plain or maybe with chicken. Heck even if you like pineapple on your pizza you’ll be happy to know that you are getting it from the very best.

  • 10: Café Amici

    Starting off strong is Café Amici in Somerset offering an upscale experience to the hungry pizza enthusiast. They even offer an assortment of specialty pies just in case you’re feeling spicy when you order. Check out their website by clicking here for more info.

  • #9 Cristo’s Pizza and Grill

    Next up we have Cristo’s Pizza and Grill located in North Brunswick, just looking at this place screams hidden gem on the corner. The staff is described as friendly and the food is affordable. Offering up some funny pizza names as well. Yes I would like a drunken grandma to go please! Check out their full menu and hours Here

  • 8. PJ’s Grill & Pizza

    PJ’s claims they’ve re-invented pizza as they’ve served the community of New Brunswick for 30 years. Even offering pizza styles I’ve never heard of like an Athens pizza. So maybe they did re-invent one of America’s favorite fast foods after all. To see their reinvented menu Click Here

  • 7. Lubrano’s Pizzeria

    Coming on home to Somerset is Lubrano’s a wonderful family owned business that offers up that classic and delicious experience one would expect from a pizza shop. They earned 4.4 on google, with reviewers calling them nothing but friendly and their food a must have. To learn more about their history and menu check out their website

  • 6. King’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant

    Now we gotta show some favoritism as this one is legit right around the corner, but despite that Kings in Somerset is in a league of their own. So even if you looking for a bit more than the casual pizza experience they’ve got you covered. To check out their new specialty pies and to learn more Click Here

  • 5. Maya’s Pizzeria Restaurant

    Forget about wise guys, these guys are just straight up nice guys as Maya’s Pizzeria in Somerset, might not be as glamorous to some, but they offer a wide variety of all your favorite Italian dishes and finish it with a winning smile. See what all their menu has to offer by Clicking Here

  • 4. Ferraro’s Pizzeria & Pub

    Just like with pizza and cheat days, we’re adding in Ferraro’s in Middlesex, because they combined the love for pizza’s and pubs into one delightfully buzzed experience. So you can even enjoy the big game if you wanted, while eating away at that classic Italian pizza. See what they have to offer by checking out their website

  • 3. Galore Fried Chicken & Pizza

    Brining it on back to Somerset county, we have Galore fired chicken and pizza! Again I think you can say most food names and then just add pizza behind it. Though they may have taken the fusion to seriously as they offer chicken tender pizza! See what else their menu may shock you with by Clicking Here

  • 2. Piazza Orsillo

    Rounding the corner for second is Piazza Orsillo, keeping pizza on the down low. Unlike some of the others on this list they keep it classic and nothing beasts the classics! See their menu by Clicking Here

  • 1. G’s Famous Pizza 3

    G’s Famous Pizza 3 according to PizzaOvenRadar is the best pizza place here in Somerset County. With the classics being offered, it’s quality over quantity. The owner is described as pleasant and accommodating so if you wanna see why G’s was ranked number one, check out their website here

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