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Dennis Rodman Is Coming To Jersey And You Can Meet Him

Well, this sounds like a good time! The madman of the NBA Dennis Rodman will be coming to New Jersey to hang out and sign autographs! It will take place this Saturday, May 11th at the Woodbridge Brewing Company. This amazing party will happen from 2:30 pm through 5 pm. The 5-time, 2-time, and NBA Hall Of Famer will be on hand at the brewery located at 33 Main St. in Woodbridge. This is not just a brewery though, it's got a bar and patio with a restaurant. I would say come hungry and hang out with the man who played with the great Michael Jordan. How Much, And How To Get Tickets To Meet Dennis Rodman This Saturday will be very fun, so if you're interested in getting to meet Dennis you can call the Woodbridge Brewing Company, for tickets at 732-977-9481 or 732-634-2929. Ticket Prices for the pre-sale are $99 per ticket and it's just for a limited time. Also, a reminder all attendees must bring their own ( meaning one) item to be autographed. Also, all tickets are not refundable. I'm sure there will be a long line to meet him so I suggest getting there early and enjoying the brewery. Check out their Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/p/C6oNfEurrh8 A Look Back At Dennis Rodman's Career The professional basketball player was best known for his rebounding abilities and was arguably the best rebounder in the NBA. He has played for many NBA teams like The Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, LA Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, and of course The Chicago Bulls. Rodman had a crazy life even off the court as well. He has appeared in professional wrestling, where he teamed up with Hulk Hogan in a main event. Also was in an action film called Double Team. Back in 1998, Rodman married model Carmen Electra out in Vegas. He even had a relationship with Madonna in 1994. Let's not forget in 2013 he took a trip over to North Korea to host basketball games. He met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and was one of the first Americans to do so. The man has done a lot on and off the court and should be pretty excited to shake hands with Dennis and see what he is all about. Thank you for taking the time out to check this story out and always rocking out with me and 95.9 The Rat. You can get more stories by clicking right HERE. Much Love and Cheers. - Gotts

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