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Here Are Some Big Names That Will Be In EA Sports College Football

College football fans and gamers alike can officially rejoice. After years of absence and speculation, the EA Sports NCAA College Football game is back. This time, it will feature some big names. From the best players in college football next season to the broadcast legends behind the mic, this new rendition seems to have it all. It appears the past decade we had where this game was stopped may have been worth the wait. As you may recall, in 2013, a lawsuit was issued due to naming, image, and likeness issues. Ultimately, players who seemed to be featured in previous releases of the game reached a settlement. Then, over the past few years in college sports, NIL, the transfer portal, and new college player rules took over. About three years ago, the idea of bringing back this fan-favorite video game started to circulate. After a some serious due diligence, EA Sports is expected to release the game publicly in the summer of 2024. One difference is that some of the top players in college football will be in the game. For example, Georgia quarterback, Carson Beck. "Every athlete who opts into the game and has his NIL used will get $600 and a copy of the game as a baseline payment with the potential for more lucrative NIL opportunities," ESPN said. In Addition, Here Are Some Other Big Names You Can Expect In EA Sports NCAA College Football The clear recognition of the players is certainly part of the new experience. Besides Carson Beck, there's Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe, Michigan running back Donovan Edwards, and Colorado star, Travis Hunter. As we know, the players in college football change so often. Of course, there's the option they have to go pro or some simply play out their eligibility and move on. Then, the next class comes in and the sport continues. Furthermore, the transfer portal creates another option now for players to change frequently. However, one area of college football that is consistent is the voices that call the games. Good news, they are in EA Sports new NCAA Football as well. We are talking about Chris Fowler, Rece Davis, Desmond Howard, and Kirk Herbstreit. These are the personalities that fans appreciate to call all the big moments and are on set with College Game Day. They are a huge part of the mainstream college football experience in America, and now they too, are in the game. For a sneak peak, Chris Fowler recently gave fans a behind the scenes look on his Instagram. [select-listicle listicle_id="660901" syndication_name="5-life-lessons-from-coaching-youth-sports" description="yes"]

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