When I’m looking at my clock I’m always happy when I see that it’s lunch time, though with so many food options I sometimes want to mix things up. Well there’s one dish that I can have each day of the week and feel like I’m having it for the first time. A nice big bowl of Ramen. Though with so many choices how can I be sure I’m getting the most noodles for my buck?

We looked at reviews from Yelp to help us, help you find that perfect Ramen spot right here in Central Jersey. For those who don’t know me, I was able to live aboard in Japan for a semester and the food I experienced over there changed my world. I already liked ramen before, but I had never experienced anything other than an instant noodle cup. So when I had the real thing I was hooked.

Sadly there is a slight difference between ramen here in America versus Japan. However, I’m just happy I can have the same quality of the food I love. Though what are the best places to go in the Great Garden State if you want to get your Ramen game going?

Well thankfully you won’t have to travel all the way to NY or even out of Central Jersey for these highly rated and highly delicious places. No matter if you like it plain or spicy, just know if you clean out the entire bowl, I won’t judge. Just make sure you save room for seconds.

  • 10. Yaraku Ramen

    There’s certainly no shortage of Asian food choices in New Jersey, but according to reviews Yaraku Ramen in Edison is a cut above the rest for their wide selection of Asian cuisine and a soup that is made over the course of two days to give that authentic Japanese’s taste. While I haven’t had the chance to visit Yaraku yet. I will now. Check out their website by Clicking Here

  • 9. Kanji Ramen Noodle Bar

    After only being open since December of last year, Piscataway’s own Kanji Ramen Noodle bar offers an authentic and delicious experience. I was happy to make the trip because the location is just gorgeous. While it is a bit pricey compared to some of the others here, I think it’s well worth it especially for their kanji wings! See what makes them a rising star by Clicking Here

  • 8. Menya Ramen House

    Moving on over to Metuchen is Menya Ramen House which reviewers are raving over their friendly and professional staff as well as their amazing menu. Offering up Karrage which is Japanese fried chicken that is to die for. They also offer classic ramen with soy sauce, salt or even vegan. So you’re covered A to Z. See why their menu gets all A’s by Clicking Here 

  • 7. Rayaki Ramen

    Now this is my go to place for Ramen in New Jersey. I love the vibe with their anime painted wall and the music from some of my favorite shows. You can even watch anime on their big screen while you eat! On top of all that is the food. Affordable and delicious is all I’ll say. I may even go there after writing this because I’m hungry just looking at their wide menu of ramen and rice bowls. See why I love this local Edison location by Clicking Here

  • 6. Rakkii Ramen

    I’m sure all Ramen lovers of Rutgers know about this place. Located right in New Brunswick Rakkii Ramen offers up some awesome specialty ramen and a dining experience that reminds me of when I could just walk into a shop of a side street have a bowl of ramen and go home happy. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to visit this location, but I have fond memories during the local anime convention. See all their have to offer and more on their Website

  • 5. Wakai Japanese Craft Ramen

    I pass this place every day on my way to the station so I am going to have to make a quick stop before heading into work… Okay maybe I’ll be just a little late, but they had me and beef bone ramen! And this Edison location doesn’t stop their as they offer Bone Marrow and Lamb ramen as well! Heck yeah. See their local media for why this is a top five in New Jersey.

  • 4. LC Osaka Ramen

    Right in Somerset LC Osaka Ramen is known in the local community for being a one stop shop for all things Ramen. They offer such an expansive menu I could go here for a month and still not get through it all. They even offer seafood ramen like eel! Jersey residents have nothing but praise for the food and staff so Click Here to see their full menu

  • 3. Terakawa Ramen

    We’ve made it to the top three Ramen shops that are right here in New Jersey and starting off strong is Terakawa Ramen in Princeton Junction. For those who live near it they love it and for those traveling it is a must see. The interior is relaxed and staff make guests feel at home. I haven’t been here, but I can see why they made it to the top. Click Here to plan your visit!

  • 2. Ramen Nagomi

    Now truth time a bit, I had to make some chances to the top ten and it’s ramen Nagoomi’s fault. They have a few locations here in New Jersey and there were multiple in central Jersey that were in the top ten! Their Miso Crab ramen looks amazing and I may have to clear my calendar and head on over. See why this chain is one of the most popular in New Jersey by Clicking Here

  • 1. Rai Rai Ramen

    And for the top rated Ramen shop in New Jersey is Rai Rai Ramen of North Brunswick! They were featured on our list for best restaurants In Middlesex so you know they are a great option for the hungry customer. Reviews for all their menu items are off the charts, I don’t need to clear my calendar for this one. It’s already been cleared!

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