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Christmas comes and goes so quickly, and in a few weeks, after all the Christmas fun full of food, gifts, and family togetherness, we will all be thinking about storing what we got out for next year’s festivities.

The week after Christmas, I take the time to watch a marathon TV show while I organize all the Christmas stuff, taking it down and making it available for next year. I even print address labels and return labels for next year’s 2024 Christmas card list, so after Thanksgiving, it’s all ready for me to send after taking the family picture and ordering the cards.

I was excited when I was assigned to write this story about organizing and storing Christmas fun. I obsess about it, so deep diving into it is an absolute pleasure.

Many great Americans over the years have commented on the importance of organization. According to the Order Expert website, Benjamin Franklin once said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

I found some new items I did not have this year and ordered many things off this list myself. I was pretty impressed with how you can keep everything in such good shape for next year making things so much easier as you go into the next holiday.

My husband and I are always at stores on December 26th to buy discounted decorations for next year. I always enjoy getting things out to decorate for Christmas and having forgotten about the fun things we bought that are still in a wrapper.

I update new ways to organize often, and I hope, like me, you will get some use out of these ten items I found to help us all stay organized, merry, and bright.

  • Large Christmas Ornament Storage Box

    This will store 128 of your Christmas tree ornaments, keeping them ready to go for next year. This organizer “works like a box but stores like Santa’s bag.” It is sturdy and includes strong cardboard inserts. This cool holder even has extra room with exterior holders.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Gift Wrap Organizer, Christmas Wrapping Paper Storage Bag

    This is awesome and can be used year-round to store wrapping paper bows, bags, tissue paper, and even cards for all occasions. This premium wrapping paper storage container for Christmas storage fits 18-24 standard-sized rolls of wrapping paper (up to 40 Inches long). It also features a large front pocket that can hold even more accessories.

    In my house, we slide this under the bed in the bedroom to quickly get it out year-round when needed. It’s also nice to always know where the tape is.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • ZOBER Christmas Wreath Storage Container

    This is PERFECT for wreath storage and will keep your wreaths in great shape until you are ready to get them out next November. The storage containers come in red, green, or white colors and three different sizes: 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch. The handles make them easy to carry around, too. They also come with a dual zipper feature that ensures “effortless” placement and removal of your wreaths.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Zober Christmas Tree Storage Bag

    This big tree bag keeps your artificial tree in great shape for next year. It comes in three-holiday colors and fits up to a 9-foot tree.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Sattiyrch 2-Pack Christmas Garland Bags

    After you get your wreaths all set and stored, it’s time to think about the garland, and these garland storage bags with handles are great. Two-way/dual zipper opens the holiday storage bag wide for uncomplicated placement and removal.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Simplify "Happy Christmas" Design Storage Bin

    You need to store so many things after Christmas, and this festive box is just right for odds and ends after Christmas. This storage box has many designs and measures 15.4 “x 11.4 “x 9.25”.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Christmas Light Storage Bag

    This is so great and gets rid of the November problem most of us will have next year as we work to untangle our previous year’s Christmas lights. Depending on the type of wire, a reel can store between 75 feet and 120 feet of wire. Then, the bag zips up to be seen again next year.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • VENO 4 Pack Heavy Duty Oversized Storage Bag

    I love these bags with handles because you can store what you need after Christmas, and then, because they are clear, you can see what is in the bags before opening them.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Greeting Card Storage & Organizer Box

    I am one of those people who save every Christmas card, and my mother was the same way. After she passed a few years ago, I found Christmas cards organized with the year and who gave them going back to the early 1960s. These are now family treasures for me and my family. I use this card organizer for all occasions, but I have a special one for Christmas cards with each year marked and divided. I use a second one for my family’s card each year. We send a photo of our kids every year, and it’s so fun to put them side by side and see how they have grown.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • SIMPLYKLEEN 4-Pack Christmas Storage Totes with Lids (Red/Green)

    This trusty Christmas storage is made of hard plastic and sturdy boxes that can house everything, and when you go to get them out next year, you will know which ones are for Christmas by the red and green colors. This comes as a four-pack and is well worth the money to keep all the Christmas stuff together.

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