LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24: Wrestler John Cena picks up wrestler Randy Orton as wrestler Triple H (R) looks on during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

First and foremost according to inside sources from the WWE, they have not been sold to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. However, that hasn’t stopped the internet from making memes and posting about it. So what did the internet have to say about the WWE being “Sold” to Saudi Arabia?

We’re not entirely sure how or why the rumors started spreading late Tuesday night, but according to TMZ, the rumor is that Vince McMahon, after announcing he was rejoining the board of directors, has sold the company to Saudi Arabia, thus making the organization private once again.

What made the rumor have some legitimacy was hours before the reported Saudi Arabia deal, Vince’s daughter, Stephanie, announced her departure from WWE … giving up her role as Co-CEO. Now reports are saying that this supposed deal is just baseless rumors that have gone too far. But the internet is in full-on war mode making fun of the deal and while some know it’s not true, they’re still making fun of it.

  • Yikes....

    I’ve made a habit of checking the trending tabs of the internet when I wake up. Just to see what I missed while asleep. I would have never thought I’d see #WWESold being one of them. These memes are gold and it’s just another example of a rumor being thrown into the wind.

  • The Whole Situation Summed Up.

    Well Triple H said it best here, despite this being an unconfirmed deal, people are just jumping in face first saying that the WWE is over. Most of them are probably aware that the WWE isn’t actually sold yet. But I know in my heart of hearts that some think this is actually real.

  • Getting Down In The House of Mouse

    To be honest…. If I saw a man dressed as Mickey Mouse suplex another wrestler through a table or jump off the the top rope that would have my full undying attention.

  • Danger Zone!

    I would imagine that most of the current WWE superstars and employees would feel like there’s nothing to worry about, but with so much happening so fast you have to wonder if any of them hit the panic button upon seeing the albeit fake news spread.

  • Dancing All The Way To The Bank.

    I haven’t watched wrestling in years, so I’m not all caught up with how the AEW came in existence, but I’m sure something like this is very good for them considering they’re seen as the second largest wrestling org behind the WWE.

  • I Survived The Snap.

    I mean what a return. So Vince announced he was coming back not long after his retirement and now the first thing we get is news of it being sold. If it were true that would be insanity cause he would effectively be destroying what he created.

  • Ouch.

    While the news of the org being sold might be false. Vince McMahon returning isn’t alot of fans were happy to see him retire and the business has done relatively well under the leadership of people like Triple H. So how will things go now that Vince is back? Only time will tell.

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