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A Central Jersey's Target's Valentines day section the day before Valentines day, February 13th 2023.

Valentines day is a special day for couple’s, family and sometimes even friends. Letting the other person know you care about them is a huge step in building and maintaining a relationship. Usually we show that through gifts.

One of the most common being candy or some sort of chocolate. But you can also choose to go for a plushie or a Valentines Day themed object. While some are huge hits that will score you points with your significant other…. Others miss the the mark.

So I made it my mission to go around to some of the most popular retail stores. To see what products this year made the cut and which ones need to go back to the drawing board.

I was shocked by some of these as if I personally got them as gifts I would be too stunned for words. Without further delay here’s the best and worst things I found in the valentines section.

  • You Light My Fire Cup and Plushie 10/10

    Valentines Day Gifts

    Starting off strong is this ten out of ten gift. I think it’s cute the cup was nice with the flames and adorable quote on the cup. The plushie wasn’t half bad either. I also happen to be a big Backstreet Boys fan so this reminded me of their hit song “I want it that way.” which I did start singing.

  • XO Krabby Patty 7/10

    Valentines Day Gifts

    Now I loved these as a kid and for those who don’t know. The normal version of this product is just a small gummy krabby patty. However, this feels off to me, like there’s just something unnatural about it especially the included “Krabby Patty Sauce”. If it is just like the normal version, but bigger no doubt it taste fine, but as a gift I’m not sure how I’d react to it.

  • Hickory Farms Kit 0/10

    Valentines Day Gifts

    Ah yes. Imagine if you would a nice candle lit dinner with your partner and then you pull out the heart shaped set which includes; cheese, a knife, spicy sriracha and who could forget the summer sausage! Yeah no thanks…. I understand that summer sausage is one of those products that if left unopened can be unrefrigerated. But I still don’t trust it. I don’t know how long it’s been there and if I was give this. I’m running out the door, zero out of ten.

  • Hershey Kisses 6/10

    Valentines Day Gifts

    Now I actually forgot to check this product, so I think six is a safe bet based off the words on the box, because if it’s a bunch of regular kisses made to look like a giant one. I’ll admit that’s so cute, but it does look intresting. On the other hand if it is actually just a giant Hershey kiss. Well it’s still good, but I would be more wary of it.

  • Heart Shaped Hot Sauce 2/10

    Valentines Day Gifts

    Now this may be a hot take….But I wouldn’t take this even if it was free. I mean some people may find this romantic to some degree. I am not one of them, though I will say the design and creativity of “You Da Bomb” saved it a bit so for me. In conclusion it’s a two out of ten.

  • You're A Hoot! 9/10

    Valentines Day Gifts

    This is by far one of my personal favorites on the list, I love puns and the candy combined with the plush is cute. It nearly perfect, the only thing I would change would be to add a bit more chocolate. So a respectable nine out of ten seems fair to me.

  • Heart Shaped Fruit Snacks 10/10

    Valentines Day Gifts

    Nothing says I love you more than locking away your heart…. Just kidding this was funny to see in the wrong place so I had to include it, but the heart shaped gummies next to the safe were a hit! 10/10!

  • Gnome Plush 1/10

    Valentines Day Gifts

    Where the other stuffed animals on this list were cute and fluffy. This gnome just seems creepy. Like to me it looks as if someone just took a normal gnome plush then just attached the heart shaped glasses last minute. So for those reasons I’m out. one out of ten!

  • Mando Lollipop Shooter 4/10

    Valentines Day Gifts

    I love Star Wars so while this seems like a cute and playful product for the average fan. I think they missed the mark a bit with their designing. Like this looks like discount Grogu, which you can see the comparison by the three different versions shown of him in this picture. So to whoever made this, great idea. Poor execution. four out of ten.

  • Chocolate Pinata Kit 7/10

    Valentines Day Gifts

    This is such a fun and cute idea. Like you can make a date night out of this, but it does sound a bit sketchy on paper. I would also be a bit disappointed making a chocolate pinata just to destroy it that night or the next day. So while it sounds fun and I would laugh if I got it as a gift. I have to give it seven out of ten.

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