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New Jersey Quarry Has Been A Favorite Swim Spot For Almost 100 Years

One of the first things you think of when it comes to summer is swimming. There's a New Jersey Quarry that has gladly served as a popular spot for swimmers of all ages since 1928. Filled with docks, rafts, and even a volleyball court, the Hopewell Quarry is located at 180 Crusher Rd, in Hopewell. "Although bathing suit styles may have changed over the years, much of the Quarry has remained the same," they say about their almost 100-year history. Due to its popularity as a refreshing swim spot, the owners began charging admission in 1928. Currently, the grounds have the feel and amenities of a camping ground. There are grills, picnic tables, and a sanded area where you can play volleyball. You can also work up a sweat playing the various lawn games before you cool off swimming for the rest of the day. Before we get to joy of swimming here, it's important to note that Hopewell Quarry does require you to pass a swim test. That is due to the unique characteristics of the quarry. In short, guests have to be able to swim an 80-yard distance and tread water without help for three minutes. Swimming At This New Jersey Quarry Although we've already touched upon some of the fun, there's just nothing like taking a swim at Hopewell. They describe it by saying, "Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of untouched nature, where clean, fresh air and unblemished landscapes create the perfect backdrop for relaxation and enjoyment." The water is refreshing, and deceivingly, it can reach depths up to 30 feet, so it's important you know where you are going and remain in control. There are inner tubes for you to enjoy and just float in. In addition, what appears to be three docks are essentially anchored floats that serve the purpose of docks, where you can rest on or jump off. Speaking of which, the three diving boards are where you will find the biggest swimming thrill here. It's a rare site to find boards of this kind at a Quarry. However, the smallest is at two-feel high and the highest tops at 12 feet. There is a pool as well, and while we certainly understand the joy a youngster gets from splashing in a pool, the most attractive swim here is jumping into that Quarry. The hours of operation for Hopewell are Wednesday through Friday from 2 PM to 6 PM, and Saturdays and Sundays from 12 PM to 6 PM.

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