New Jersey: What Are Our Most Popular ’90s Trends Today?

Let's face it, the influence and lasting impact of the 1990's is undeniable. From style to music to outrageous snacks, it was a decade of loud creativity. On that note, Shane Co. recently published a report that details the most popular '90s trend in each state, and in New Jersey, a nostalgic breakfast treat that made a recent comeback tops the list. "According to search history, Waffle Crisp cereal, fanny packs, Tamagotchis, Nintendo 64s, and mood rings are all still heavy in our minds," Shane Co states. To determine which trends we are seeing come back to popularity in 2023, Shane Co. analyzed Google 12-month trends for 45 items that were dominating the '90s. As a result, they were able to identify the top '90s trends across the country in 2023. Furthermore, Shane Co. broke this information down even more to focus in on the 90's influence within every state. "In recent years, the ’90s have resurfaced as a major trend, captivating both fashion enthusiasts and music lovers alike," they explain. Before we take a look at '90s trends that are currently rocking New Jersey today, let's take a stroll down memory lane as a reminder of what some of these '90s cultural movements were. Too Legit To Quit First of all, the original music that emerged from the decade was both innovative and transcendent. From Seattle rock and roll to Boyz II Men to everything in between. Hip-hop became a massive cultural force. MC Hammer was also making noise with his recordings and "Hammer Pants." Boy bands also became a more significant focus in the '90s. Whitney Houston, TLC and Mariah Carey were constantly on the charts. Nirvana took the world by storm, with neighbors Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains all exploding onto the scene with them. It is fair to say entertainment was at a peak in America during the '90s decade. TV sitcoms, Friends, Seinfeld, and Saved By The Bell had people glued to their home television sets. Style-wise, hypercolors, fanny packs, Zubaz NFL pants, Starter jackets, and fluorescent colors were worn everywhere. "Gaming" was more about blowing on a cartridge to get the dust out so it would play in the console than it was the actual competition. In sports, major American franchises like the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, and Chicago Bulls were hanging championship banners constantly. The Yankees won three titles in the '90s, as did the Cowboys. The Bulls, on the other hand, had two three-peats. New Jersey Ranks #19 In States Most Obsessed With The '90s '90s trends in New Jersey are alive and well. Shane Co. shows our most popular item today is Waffle Crisp cereal. This Post product made a roaring permanent return to shelves in 2022. Other Garden State '90s trends include the "My Size" Barbie toy and scrunchies. In addition, we have seen fanny packs come roaring back in 2023, and the first episode of That '90s Show debuted in January of this year. [select-listicle listicle_id="516332" syndication_name="albums-that-turn-30-in-2023" description="yes"]

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