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Time for a Kitchen Refresh: Items You Might Want to Swap Out

Kitchens typically contain a variety of tools, utensils, cookware, and seasonings, some of which may have seen better days. Food & Wine, a website for culinary news, has put together a list of items that might be due for replacement. They used insights from their Test Kitchen staff to figure out if it's time to say goodbye to your old kitchen items. According to Food & Wine, there are some kitchen items that people don't realize should be replaced occasionally. These include vegetable peelers, nonstick skillets, flour, and spices. From Utensils to Spices Regarding vegetable peelers, replacing them when they become dull or damaged due to overuse is recommended. Since most peelers are made of carbon steel, they tend to last longer and maintain their sharpness. However, they say that proper care is necessary. This includes immediate drying after washing to prevent rust. Nonstick skillets should be considered for replacement as soon as noticeable wear and tear appear. Additionally, if your nonstick pan starts to chip, it's advisable to replace it promptly, as continued use might introduce coating fragments into your meals, according to America's Test Kitchen. Interestingly, even flour earns a spot on the replacement list. Over time, the fats within flour can turn rancid, as  Food & Wine reports. A helpful tip they offer is to store your flour in the freezer to extend its shelf life. When it comes to spices, they also have a shelf life. Ground spices typically remain fresh for about three months, while whole spices can last up to six months. Beyond these timeframes, spices may not go bad but tend to lose their flavor and potency. This potentially affects the taste of your dishes, as noted by RawSpiceBar, a spice company. Take a look at the whole list of kitchen items you might want to consider swapping out soon here.

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