Fantasy Football For Beginners

Fantasy Football For Beginners

Fantasy Football For Beginners


Jered needs your help. Here is the real deal storyline behind the scenes. Jered wanted to feel part of the Fox Sports Team more than he was already, so he decided to get involved in a Fantasy Football League.

For most, that is not a big issue, everyone knows it is a crap shoot when it comes to what players might do week to week, Everyone knows, you can throw out the stats from last year because that was last year.

Everyone knows you can believe if you want the projections that they posted on these games. But then there is Jered,  what he knows about any sport is a novice, to say the least. He would be the type, who if he was to do March Madness, would choose his teams based on either the teams’ names or the color of their jersey. It is not much better when it comes to Football, we gave him a quiz on what states were some teams from. I will leave it at that ….

So here is what we need, we like you to give him help and suggestions weekly on who should he play, who should he bench, and who should he be picking up off waiver or trade, if available.

Weekly, we will let you know how your help helped him or hurt him if he ignored your advice. So, email Jered at [email protected]

Thanks for helping me educate Jered on Football.

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