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White Elephant is a super fun and easy way to get your friends a gift without breaking the bank. Other regions may recognize it as “Yankee Swap” or “Dirty Santa”.

Generally, how the game works is each person chooses one wrapped present and unwraps it to reveal to the group. Then the next person either chooses a new present or they can decide to steal their gift from the gift pile. This continues until all gifts are unwrapped and claimed. All gifts are available for stealing but if yours gets stolen, you have the chance to pick a new gift from the pile.

The rules are simple but the most important thing to remember is to have fun and cherish the time together. Everyone leaves with a present but no one is having to buy gifts for every participant which is nice because that can get extremely costly. This is a great option for families on a budget, college students, and those who just want to have some fun with their group of friends. Lots of fun and laughs will be sure to take place!

To start off your game, these are our top picks under $25 to bring some joy and uniqueness to the game!

  • 1. Desktop Newtons Magnetic Balls

    This desktop plaything doubles as a decoration and something to play with. Something to focus on when those conference calls go on and on and on… Also, can help students while attending virtual classes who enjoy using fidget toys. An any age classic. 

  • 2. LED Flameless Candles

    These candles are not only super chic but super safe. Good for a power outage or to add ambiance to a romantic dinner in. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes. Add a little holiday warmth to the game.

  • 3. TILE Keychain - Find Your Keys

    Someone is always losing their keys. This device sends out a signal to a handy app on your phone to find them in an instant, up to 250 feet away. I know someone at the party will instantly use this gift…and then lose it. 

  • 4. GeeKey - Pocket Multi-Tool For Your Keychain

    This multitool screwdriver is sure to come in handy in a pinch. Conveniently store on your keychain for easy access for any quick fix projects you come across. Sold in stainless steel for ultimate longevity 

  • 5. Bubba Hot or Cold Tumbler

    I personally have used this cup for the past several years and it is my go-to for hot or cold beverages. I have left it overnight and come back to ice still clinking in the cup. Makes smoothies last for hours. You will never have to worry about reheating your coffee mid-morning. This two pack means you can share the love or keep it for yourself to enjoy both a warm and cold beverage all day long. 

  • 6. All Weather Portable Picnic Blanket With Water Resistance

    Protect yourself from cold and wet conditions with this extra-large picnic blanket for outdoor use. Water-resistant and in a blue and white striped design for the beach, camping on grass or any outdoor activity where you need a little more protection.  

  • 7. ZUBARR 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station

    Finding an outlet can be so hard to do when you’re working with multiple devices. This charging station is sure to help you stay organized and on full power.  

  • 8. Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Party

    Tie Dye can be messy and confusing but this kit takes that all away. Have fun with friends and make memories and awesome tie dye pieces with this party kit. 

  • 9. Electric Kettle For Instant Hot Water

    Never wait for hot water to boil again. I use mine constantly for tea or to get water boiling faster when I’m cooking after work. This instant electric kettle takes minutes to warm up your water and saves time on waiting for that next needed cup of tea…or hot cocoa…or plate of spaghetti like I use it for! This super safe design comes with an auto shutoff that will leave your friends worry free and a double walled feature to leave the outer layer cool. Perfect for families or small kitchens.

  • 10. Pukka Herbs Tea Selection Luxury Gift Box

    Speaking of an electric kettle, maybe a couple at the party would like to claim this item along with the kettle. This tea set comes with a variety of flavors from around the world. 

  • 11. Cartman 136 Piece Tool Set

    A standard tool kit is something any young adult should invest in, or claim at a white elephant party. Comes with 136 pieces to make sure you’re covered in any instance. 

  • 12. Starbucks Holiday Blend K-Cups, 32 Count

    OMG Starbies! Someone is bound to be so excited at the opportunity to claim these coveted holiday flavors. This pack comes with 32 k-cups and is eco-friendly. 

  • 13. Tabletop Glass Fireplace

    Perfect for apartments or small spaces that don’t have their own fireplace. Feel romantic and cozy with your very own table top option. Comes in a variety of sizes and styles so you can choose the best one for your group of friends to fight over…I mean play over.  

  • 14. Mason Jar Shot Glasses with Lids

    These super cute mason jar shot glasses bring a rustic vibe to any event. Choose your favorite alcohol. These are sure to be fought over due to them being just so cute! Pair with your favorite bottle of liquor for the perfect gift set.

  • 15. Multi-Tool LED GloveTorch & Magnetic Wristband

    Working in the dark and juggling a flashlight can be so frustrating and even dangerous. This half-glove design takes all of that away and gives you the light you need to get the job done. Perfect for the car if you happen to blow a tire on the way home from the party. 

  • 16. 3D Printed Galaxy Moon Lamp

    Be one with the universe with this galaxy globe nightlight that is sure to make any space feel mystical and inviting. LED lit with 16 color options and comes with its own stand. Good for any age!

  • 17. Bamboo Bed Desk

    Save your back and lap from hunching over your laptop while in bed. Doubles as a table and includes a small storage compartment for your cords, mouse or other office needs. Your work from home friend is going to want this immediately! 

  • 18. Wooden Desktop Decision Maker

    Decisions, decisions. Sometimes they are just so hard to make! Like picking a white elephant gift. Purchase this item to bring or maybe something else. Maybe buy one for yourself to decide what to bring in the first place. This wooden design is sure to match any aesthetic and look nice among all décor styles. 

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