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Do you find yourself in your kitchen screaming for ingredients? Are you constantly yelling “behind” or “corner” in places other than your home? If you’re out of something, do you say “86 ____”? Or do you ask for “hands” when setting the table? If you answered “Yes, chef” to any of those questions then you’re probably an experienced restaurant worker or a huge fan of FX’s The Bear. Either way, these inspired shirts from the popular TV show are perfect for you! 

FX has some of the most popular shows on cable. American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, just to name a few. But one FX show has gained more popularity than almost any other show out there. The Bear premiered in June 2022 and almost instantly gained attention thanks to the main star, Jeremy Allen White, who became a heartthrob while he was on Showtime’s Shameless. You know, if you like that scrappy/bad-boy type.  

If you haven’t seen the show. It tells a story about a young professional chef, Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto played by Jeremy Allen White, who leaves the fine dining world to run his family’s beef sandwich shop in Chicago after his older brother passes away. Carmy then has to take on a crew of stubborn back-of-house workers and train them to be professional-like chefs with a fine dining attitude. To help he recruits a promising young sous chef, Sydney, played by Ayo Edebiri.Ayo actually won Best Supporting Performance in a New Scripted Series for the Independent Spirit Awards. The show really gives insight on what it’s like being a restaurant owner and working in the food industry. Those who have worked in the industry can tell you just how accurate some of the scenes really are.  

Here are 6 shirts we found on Etsy inspired by The Bear.

  • The Bear TV Show Shirt The Original Beef of Chicagoland T-shirt

    First up is this “Original Beef of Chicagoland. This shirt would be perfect for any super-fan or The Bear Halloween costume inspo. It comes in both navy blue (like on the show) or black! There are a bunch of similar products on Etsy, but reviews for this item say the shirt is made of good/strong material, so you know it will last. 

    Get It Now From Etsy
  • Richie The Eras Tour T-shirt

    This one is for the Swifties! The Eras Tour template has become very popular for other series. While he may not be everyone’s favorite character, this Richie Eras Tour shirt but fellow The Bear fans will surely compliment your style. 

    Get It Now From Etsy
  • The Bear Graphic T Shirt / Hulu FX

    We love this clever version of The Bear t-shirt inspired by Jeremy Allen White. It’s not as obvious as some of the other shirts are, so those who’ve really watched the show will understand.  

    Get It Now From Etsy
  • The Bear Vintage Punk Inspired Tee

    The crew is all in and ready to serve.  Love the black and white photo that gives you the gritty and cool vibe of show.  Definitely one for the tru fans!

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • Yes, Chef Inspired Shirts

    When you search for The Bear merch on Etsy, your page will be filled with your choice of “Yes, chef” shirts. It was hard to choose just one, so these are our 3 favorites. “Yes, chef” is one of the many common restaurant lingo incorporated in the show. And it’s very accurate in real life, if you do not confirm a call in the kitchen with “heard” or “yes, chef”, things can get pretty ugly.

    Get It Now From Etsy
  • Yes Chef Shirt (The Bear on FX, Original Beef of Chicagoland, TV Show Shirt

    We’re a big fan of this “Yes, Chef” printed t-shirt because of the “BEHIND” on the back. Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant will really tell you the importance of saying “behind” in the kitchen. Odds are, that habit probably never left them. 

    Get It Now From Etsy

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