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Have you ever thought about taking a road trip? Road trips are a great way to vacation with your partner, family, or BFF. Think of Thelma and Louise with a less dramatic ending. Whether you travel by car, van, or RV, don’t miss these eleven essentials for your summer road trip.

So maybe this summer you’ll take a drive through New England in the fall to see the leaves changing and enjoy some Maine “Lawb-stah.” Or watch for Jimmy Buffet at the end of your trek from Miami, through the Keys, to Key West on the Overseas Highway. You could even check off a National Park in each state. Or stay in your own state and find a bit of history: Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, New York’s Statue of Liberty, Missouri’s Largest Ball of Yarn. Take an epic journey cross-country on historic Route 66, or travel down the Pacific Coast Highway.

If there’s anything the Griswold’s taught us it’s that a road trip is all about the journey, not the destination. So let’s make sure your journey is a blast!

What makes a great summer road trip? 

According to SWNS Digital, people’s preferred mode of transportation is the car (38%), rather than a plane (35%) or a train (18%).

  • People’s golden rules for road-tripping include that everyone uses the bathroom before leaving (43%), people should wear deodorant, but not strong perfume or cologne (39%), the front seat passenger has to help with directions (38%) and that the driver always gets to choose the music (31%).
  • The road trips Americans want to take most are heading across the country (40%), up and down the East Coast (38%), and the West Coast (37%), as well as traveling historic Route 66 (33%).

With millions of people hitting the road for a vacation this summer, these essentials for your summer road trip will ensure a great time.

  • 1) Roadside Safety Kit

    Before you head out on a road trip, you want to give the ole jalopy a tune up and make sure you have kit to solve even the problems  you didn’t know you could have. Then, buckle up and rest assured that if/when something goes astray you don’t have to wait hours for roadside assistance.

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  • 2) Air Freshener

    No one thinks they smell bad, but when you’re cooped up in the car for an extended period of time with food and drink, there are bound to be smells and not every one of them will be pleasant. These Febreze air fresheners are the solution you’re looking for.

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  • 3) Seat Organizer

    Whether your backseat passenger is 2, 22, or 92, this seat organizer is what every road tripper needs. Perfect for storing snacks, drinks, reading materials, and even a tablet at eye level to binge your favorite shows.

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  • 4) Baby Wipes

    This one is a game-changer. Behold the magic of baby wipes. They’re perfect for a quick wash when you’re not feeling so fresh (which is apt to occur on a road trip). They clean up spills and sticky messes. They get marks off clothing and other fabrics. And, of course, you can use them if you stop for a pitstop and there is no toilet paper.

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  • 5) Cooler

    One of the best things about going on a road trip is the snacks! This cooler is great to buckle into the middle seat (perfect between two toddlers, teens, or twenty-somethings) and pack with drinks, fruit, and other munchies to keep the trip rolling.

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  • 6) Infinity Pillow

    Some people have no trouble falling asleep in the car, but if you’re like me it takes more than a seatbelt to hold my body in a position of comfort. This infinity pillow can be shaped in a way to make it work for you!

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  • 7) Road Atlas

    I know you have Waze and Google Maps, but what happens when the satellite is on the fritz or when you don’t have service? You’ve got to pull out the good ole trusty map!

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  • 8) 4 Port Portable USB 2.0 Hub

    If you have a car full of passengers, everyone needs to be charged. This hub will keep your devices running, making everyone happier.

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  • 9) Portable Utensils

    There’s nothing worse than pulling away from the drive-thru window, merging back into traffic, and then realizing you don’t have any utensils. This set is a must have for every car, whether you’re road-tripping or commuting to and from work.

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  • 10) Quick Drying, Lightweight Mat

    This handy-dandy mat folds up small enough to keep in your glove box but unfolds large enough to host a family picnic at a rest stop along your journey. And can double as a blanket if you’re arguing over the a/c.

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  • 11) Snacks!

    More than two-thirds of Americans think snacks can make or break a road trip. This assortment is sure to please everyone in the car.

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