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Back to school is a funny time of year. When kiddos are little they tend to be really excited to go back to school to see their classmates again and show off how they’ve grown over the summer. For moms of younger children, we tend to get excited to have a few hours to ourselves before the chaos begins again.  

But as your kids get older, they can start to feel negative feelings about going back to school. This usually makes them ornery for the weeks leading up to the first day, and it bleeds into the school year. Also, most teens are not eager to get up early in the morning which makes the morning routine stressful.  

Even if your kids aren’t happy, though, back to school can be so great for Mom for many reasons: 

  • After a long summer of kids running around the house, you can finally enjoy some peace and quiet. Especially if you work from home. You can finally get some work done without being interrupted every five minutes.  
  • Back to school also means a return to routine, which can be a relief if you, like me, get frazzled by the chaos of summer. It always starts off so fun, and by the end of the summer I’m screaming for the kids to get out of my hair! 
  • Also, let’s get back on a sleep schedule – amIright?! Kids tend to stay up later in the summer, which can lead to a lack of sleep for us moms. Back to school means that kids will go to bed earlier, which can help you get more sleep. 

The bottom line is this, no matter how old your kids are, it’s awesome to get them out of the house for a few hours. Because of this phenomenon, moms tend to celebrate the back to school season by really celebrating. Wine, chocolate, spa day, whatever it takes to regain control of their lives while someone else tends to their children. And Moms, I want to tell you it’s okay for you to feel that way. Embrace it and “Mom On.” 

  • World’s Okayist Mom

    I think honesty is the best policy. In this case you are keeping everyone’s expectations at a reasonable level. I mean, it could be worse. 

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  • Mama Candles

    Because none of us is just one thing, we are complex. There will be moments as a mom when you’ll feel like each of these Mamas. Light when appropriate 

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  • Dear Teachers Tee ...

    Once your child is old enough that they annoy you, you become super excited to send them off to school every day and into the open arms of a loving teacher. Or whatever teacher happens to be in their classroom. And sometimes, you just get your kid on the bus and don’t even care where the driver takes them as long as you get a couple hours to yourself.  

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  • What Kind of Wine Tee …

    There is a wine for every occasion, so there must be a correct answer to this scenario. Regardless, it is back to school time, Mamas! Let us celebrate. Cheers! 

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  • Before School / After School

    Let these drinking vessels act as a reminder as to the order of events. Coffee is first, then wine. Thank you. 

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  • Because Middle Schoolers

    Whether you’re a teacher or a parent of a middle schooler you get it. Or you’ve lost it and this will help regain it. 

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  • Taylor Swift Inspired Tee

    Yasss! My daughter said no, but I am totally getting this shirt for the first day of school. My elementary school son’s teachers will love it, as will my teenage daughter’s friends (even if she doesn’t). #coolmom 

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  • Recess Duty Tee

    My kids’ elementary school has parental volunteers to work lunch and recess duty. This shirt will make you boss on that playground! 

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  • How Mom Tells Time

    This is a great reminder of the order of operation. It makes a great gift for the mom in your life – or yourself! 

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  • Jura—kicked Mom

    Yassss … These keep getting funnier. If you don’t have a friend who needs this travel mug, you’re probably that friend. 

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  • Mom’s Last Nerve Candle

    Because we know homework won’t get done itself. But does ANYONE listen to Mom?!? 

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  • Morse Code Bracelet

    Kids get all the stuff for back to school. This makes a great gift for the mom in your life who needs to be reminded, albeit subtly, she is a total bad@$$. 

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  • Mom Socks

    These socks are great for back to school because, you know the minute you FINALLY sit down after you made dinner, convinced everyone to come to the table only for them to remind you they have practice, then clean up from dinner, someone is going to ask you to help them with their homework and Dad is still sitting in the family room scrolling through TikTok. 

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