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It’s that time of year. Graduation season is officially here and if you’re like me you’re feeling a bit melancholy about it, while also very excited about the future. My youngest brother is finally graduating high school, and as a proud older sister my job is to help him as he gets through the next four years of his undergraduate education in any way I can. But my job for you all is much easier. Graduation season means graduation gifts. And while yes, cash will always reign supreme, for those of us who like to do a little something extra I’m here to help. So here are 7 graduation gift ideas that will work great for any grad.

  • 1) T-Shirt Memory Quilt

    This is definitely one of my favorite kinds of gifts. The memory quilt is great if your graduation has a lot of trip or activity t-shirts. Growing up I had a new dance recital t-shirt every year. Not to mention the choir shirts or musicals I was in as well. Something like this is a great memory preserver, and it’s super sentimental.

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  • 2) Collegiate Pouch

    Whether they’re entering college or exiting it, these pouches could be a great graduation gift. From the Bulldogs to the Wolverines, you’ll find many of the colleges and universities across the country available to choose from.

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  • 3) Letters To Future Self Writing Kit

    Several years ago, after I moved home from college, I got a letter in the mail. It was a letter from my past self. My ninth grad English teacher who had made writing a letter to my future self an assignment, had actually remembered to send the letters out. It was bizarre reading about the things I was curious about at that age. While it may seem like an odd idea, it can be very sentimental. Letters to our future selves are meant to be found years later and for you to look back on those moments and think “Wow if I only I knew then what I know now.” This kit comes with prompts for writing, stickers for postdating, and more.

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  • 4) Behind You Are The Memories Photo Board

    Anything great gift idea for those who are just want to capture the moment. This wooden sign makes a lovely keepsake. It features the words, “Behind you are the memories. Before you are all your dreams. Around you, all who love you. Within you, all you need.” It also comes with a few clothespin clips to attach favorite photo memories.

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  • 5) Adjustable Laptop Desk

    Now for a more practical and useful gift, this laptop desk is a great choice for those going off to college. If they want to do homework in bed and keep their laptop cool, this desk helps with adjusting height and has slots for your laptops fan so the computer doesn’t over heat.

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  • 6) One Degree Hotter Candle

    This is one I found very funny and is great for those grads with a sense of humor. I especially like the part of the candle that says “Smells like hard work and success.” While that isn’t exactly a scent, there are five scent options to choose from that all sound heavenly.

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  • 7) Pearl of Wisdom Necklace

    This is an awesome gift for those who like a little bit of sweetness and fun. The Pearl of Wisdom necklace features inspirational messages as part of the packaging that your graduate can take with them into the next chapter of their life. 

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  • 8) Bonus: Graduation Card Idea

    If all else fails and you want a fun unique card to put your grads money in to, this is a good option. The funny cartoon skunk is sure to leave a lasting impression and will likely get referenced in the thank you card. 

    Get It Now From Etsy

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