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Tales of Bigfoot pre-date the 1800s, but the first news story on Bigfoot happened in the 1950s.  According to, in 1958, a journalist responded to a reader’s letter about California loggers who discovered mysterious large footprints.  He wrote, “Maybe we have a relative of the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas,” and the world went wild. 

Today, Bigfoot is the hide-and-seek champ of all time, the ultimate social-distancing king, and the purveyor of all things “squatch.”  Bigfoot even has his own holiday.  Sasquatch Awareness Day is celebrated annually on October 20th.   

My friend loves all things Bigfoot.  She looks for Bigfoot when she goes for hikes or camping.  She is also pretty sure that Bigfoot stole her beer and jerky on more than one occasion.  My friend is a believer. 

I got her a Bigfoot ornament for Christmas.  While searching, I realized there are some really cool Bigfoot items to be found on the internet, so I compiled a list of my favorites. Some are not the most tasteful, but I found them highly amusing.  Happy hunting! 

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