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Can you believe we are already more than two-thirds of the way through 2023? The fact that it’s September is crazy. It has felt like it has flown by so fast. Before you know it we’re going to be looking at the holidays. And honestly, now is the best time to start thinking about what you want for those fun holiday gatherings. That’s why we felt it was necessary to put together a list of the coolest gadgets of 2023.

I know, I know that sounds kind of broad. But if you think about it there are a lot of gadgets available to make almost anything you do more efficient. A cool new piece of tech can give you the look (or fulfillment) you didn’t know you needed. Everything from technology gadgets to phone accessories, to light items to boost that Instagram account, we have you covered. 

Of course, we are practical folks at hear too. Whether you’re interested in the latest tech or just need some ideas for those holiday shopping lists, we know that you might just be looking for those gadgets that increase productivity. A simple item to put in your home office that enables you to thrive during those working hours.  

Or you might be looking for a way to just make mundane life a bit easier. Does it infuriate you when you continuously drop your toothbrush in the bathroom trash can or toilet bowl? There’s a gadget for that. Or maybe that $44 interior car wash still did not get all the blueberry muffin crumbs out of the center console of your car. Listen, the whole TikTok made me buy it, is a real thought a lot of us consumers have nowadays. So yes, you’ll probably see some TikTok gadgets.

Regardless if you are simply a gadget collector or on the hunt for the coolest gadgets available today, we have identified some of the best here.

  • 12’’ Screen Magnifier for Smartphone

    If you’re someone who watches a lot of movies or TV shows on your smart device, but you don’t like how small the screen is. We’ve got the solution for you. This is a screen magnifier. Essentially, you can put your phone in the phone stand and lift up the screen magnifier for an enlarged picture. This works well with cellphones and even small handheld video game devices like a Nintendo Switch.

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  • iHave Toothbrush Holders for Bathrooms

    Yep, you’ve probably seen this one on TikTok! This is a really convenient way to save on some counter space in your bathroom. This is a wall-mounted toothbrush holder that also has a convenient toothpaste dispenser. I mean seriously, are we living in the world of The Jetsons or what? This is a cool gadget that would be great for any home.

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  • 10.2 Selfie Ring Light with Stand and Holder

    Now if you’re someone who likes to have a good photo, then you definitely need a ring light. Yes, it sounds silly. But to get the best lighting you want a ring light. This one comes with a few different lightning options so you’ll be able to capture the best photos or videos in your favorite light.

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  • Silicone Air Fryer Basket Liners

    Raise your hand if you have an Air Fryer! I love these things, but honestly it’s true that sometimes the clean up can be rough. Especially if you have kids that love pizza rolls. They always burst and then get stuck on the bottom and it’s a hassle to clean up. Enter these silicone basket liners. I don’t know who thought of this brilliant idea, but I had to add these to my cart immediately after I saw them. Definitely a cool gadget to make life just a bit easier.

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  • Rokid Max AR Glasses

    Finally, augmented/virtual reality glasses are getting smaller! These AR glasses feel so futuristic it’s insane. This is going to be a whole new way for you to watch movies or games. These glasses are compatible with Switch, Steam Deck, PS4 Slim/5, and Xbox Series X/S. You’ll want to make a note of this one for sure. 

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  • Magnetic Phone Cooler

    Don’t you hate it when your phone overheats? Enter this magnetic phone cooler! Again, I don’t know who the genius was that invented it, but thank you. This connects to the back of your phone and helps cool your phone down with an air-chilling plate. It’s designed for mobile gamers, live streamers, bloggers, and others who use devices for extended periods. So essentially all of us!

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  • USB-C Lapel Microphone

    Even if you do not want to be a TikTok or Content Creator, these are actually kinda cool. If you’re not familiar with a lapel microphone, essentially this is a great way to capture audio. This connects via USB-C to your cell phone or smart device and can help you capture a better audio sound.

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  • Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine

    I’m always blown away by these on TikTok, but they’re actually really cool. Cleaning your fruit and veggies is super important. And this device helps you by creating the right pH balance for your water so that your fruit and veggies are actually clean. You just stick this in your water bowl along with the items you’re washing and the machine does the work for you.

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  • Scrolling Bluetooth Ring

    If you have a Kindle or tablet, then yes you’re going to want this. This gadget is made to help you scroll without having to hold your devices up for long periods of time. It comes in two pieces. The first is to hold pressure onto your screen, and the second is the little ring device that helps you scroll on the screen. How cool!

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  • Electronics Cleaner Kit

    If you haven’t cleaned out your earbuds or keyboard in a long time (i.e. since you got them) then you will want this. It’s a simple multi-tool that helps you reach those nooks and crannies where things tend to get stuck and don’t get cleaned. It’s simple, but it’s a very good thing to have on hand.

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  • Instant Photo Printer

    So many people are going back to the ways of photo printing. It’s a fun tradition that I feel like many of us forgot because of the way social media just came on the scene. This is super convenient because if you remember your photo printer used to be your regular printer which was just huge. But this is a thin, portable photo printer that can be taken with you on the go. The paper even has a sticky back so if you want to put it on your walls or right into a photo album you can. 

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