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As a new mom I was overwhelmed at the thought of going to the beach for the first time with my baby, but my life has been changed with these couple items. If you have little ones check out this list of 10 items every mom needs in their beach or pool bag!

  • Baby Powder

    Baby powder is a beach bag MUST! Sprinkle it onto sandy arms and legs and watch the sand come right offPack it in your beach bag or leave it in the car to sprinkle on before you all head home.  

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  • Fitted Sheet

    Turn a fitted sheet upside down and place a bag or cooler in each of the four corners to keep the sheet sides up. The sides act as a sand barrier and keep your baby from crawling away. 

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  • Mesh Sand Toy Bag

    When you’re ready to go home, load beach toys into a mesh bag to ensure the sand stays at the beachYou can even rinse everything off while in the bag.

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  • Inflatable Pool

    If your little one can’t yet go for a swim a baby pool is a great way to let them enjoy the ocean and cool down. Throw beach toys in the pool and watch your baby play!

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  • Wetbag

    These wet bags are perfect for when it’s time to take off the bathing suits and get into clean clothes before heading home from the beach. These bags also work great for storing a clean dry change of clothes or even snacks. Conveniently store all your items in these waterproof bags and throw them in your beach bag.

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  • Makeup Brush

    Makeup brush? Why in the world would I pack a makeup brush in my beach bag? Hear me out, I don’t know about you, but my son hates having his face touched so putting on sunblock is always a struggle until I came across this hack. Use a foundation makeup brush to easily apply sunscreen to your child’s face without the battle it can become!

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  • Cabana/Tent

    This tent is perfect for the beach and doubles as a pool for your little ones as well as protects them from the sun. It folds up for easy transportation and comes together in no time.

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  • Swim Diapers

    Swim diapers are made from materials that don’t absorb liquids like regular diapers do so your little one won’t become uncomfortable when playing in the water. Like regular diapers, swim diapers come in both reusable and disposable diapers. Determining which kind is best for you would depend on how often you will be hitting the beach or pool. If you will be spending many summer days in the water it may be more cost-effective to go with a reusable kind, but if you’re only going to have a few pool or beach outings you won’t break the bank by going the disposable route.

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  • Baby Hat

    Keep the sun out of your baby’s eyes and is a must for the beach or pool. This one from Simplikids has built-in SPF, covers your little one’s head and neck, plus comes in a ton of colors.

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  • Portable Neck Fan

    The summer sun can get HOT! A portable fan is an easy way to ensure you can keep your little ones cool when the sun is beating down. This rechargeable fan from Amazon can last for up to 6 hours.

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