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We are proud to welcome the following teachers to the FOX Sports Radio New Jersey Teachers Who Make Magic Class of 2022!


    Special Education Teacher
    Van Derveer Elementary School
    Nominated By: Michelle Lanouette

    Megan Pschar is a Special Education Teacher at Van Derveer Elementary School in Somerville, and has been a teacher for over 17 years!  Students love Megan, and so do her co-workers.  She’s always willing to help fellow educators with various projects or an added item to make a lesson “pop!”  She’s willing to share resources, and no task is mundane.  From making copies to helping with lesson plans, Megan is there every day with her winning “can do” attitude, and everyone appreciates her tenacity to make the school environment a better place.

    Megan has wonderful rapport with her students and takes the time to get to know a little bit about each one.   She’s always looking to make lessons engaging, and allows students to explore a little on their own so it leads to more learning. Her classroom environment is safe, fun, and supportive which helps students grow socially and academically.

    Outside the classroom, Megan is active on many committees, and they’re not all ones she’s joined herself!  So many people think of her first and ask her to volunteer because her input and expertise is valued!  Megan Pschar is amazing, patient and kind, and now she’s also a “Teacher Who Makes Magic!”


    English Teacher
    Franklin High School
    Nominated By: Jennifer Jones, Fellow Teacher

    Karen Jennings has been teaching English for over 22 years, and is currently working at Franklin High School in Somerset.  Anyone who’s come in contact with her agrees she gives her heart and soul to her students, and plans exciting and interesting lessons for all who enter her classroom!

    She takes the time to get to know each student and provides a warm, educational environment to help all in her classroom thrive.  Karen’s current students look forward to taking her classes, and former students always keep in touch.  Even during remote learning, Karen’s warm smile and welcoming personality were both evident, and parents always comment how lucky their children are to be taught Literature and Writing by such a wonderful educator.

    Outside the classroom, Karen is an advisor for the K-Pop club which focuses on Korean culture and is also participating in the Green Sustainability Committee.   It’s evident that Karen Jennings loves what she does, and this is why she’s now a “Teacher Who Makes Magic!”


    Kindergarten Teacher
    Hillcrest Elementary School
    Nominated By: Lindsay Sheffrin, Fellow Teacher

    For the past 5 years, Kylie Berko has been teaching Kindergarten at Hillcrest and anyone she comes in contact with says she’s the kindest, caring and most genuine teacher they know!  She believes all students have the ability to learn, and her passion for her chosen profession is evident the moment you walk into her classroom

    Kylie realized early on how the pandemic was going to be hard on many young children, so she took it upon herself to create a YouTube channel where she reads children’s books to her students and anyone else who’s watching!   She also reached out to the famous educational children’s musician, Jack Hartmann, and asked him to send a special video to her class to let them know how proud he was of them for working so hard at home and learning through his videos!

    Every year before winter break Kylie’s grandmother knits a hat and scarf for each one of her kindergarteners to make sure they stay warm and bundled up in the cold winter months! She then wraps them up beautifully so they each receive a present during the holidays!

    Kylie goes above & beyond as a teacher every single day with her amazing hands-on lessons that engage all of her students, and also dedicates her own personal time and participates in all events, either in person or virtual!  She is also an active member of the PTO and serves on its executive board.  For all of these reasons and many more, Kylie Berko is a “Teacher Who Makes Magic!”


    8th Grade Language Arts Teacher 
    Branchburg Central Middle School
    Nominated By: Mathew Barbosa 

    Kristen Cardona teaches 8th Grade Language Arts at Branchburg Central Middle School and has been with them for 12 years!  She is a creative teacher who is constantly developing her practice. She collaborates with other teachers to share ideas and learn from her colleagues. She is very organized and detail oriented. Her well organized lessons allow her students to take control of their learning so Kristen can step back and take on more of a coaching role.

    She is often involved in leadership with the student council as they work to raise funds for the school’s designated charity, The Meghan Rose Bradley Foundation. She has created multiple methods for students to showcase their understanding of literature, from an in person “Escape Room” to student created book trailer premieres. She has incorporated technology in meaningful ways with a gamification unit that utilizes online gaming in an academic manner as well as learning new techniques for podcasting. She collaborates with other staff to create grade level and building wide events that connect student learning to real-world experiences. Students in Kristen’s class explore, collaborate and demonstrate their learning in a myriad of ways that tie the curriculum into their lives and the real world.

    Kristen is also the school’s athletic coordinator and organizes tryouts, medical information and competition with other schools.  The school staff nominate each other to receive a Falcon Award and the winner gets to wear a superhero cape for the month so students can ask about the teacher’s superpower.  Kristen Cardona has won this award, and now she can add “Teacher Who Makes Magic” to her ever growing list of accomplishments!


    Special Education Teacher
    Raritan High School
    Nominated By: Ada McCrady, Fellow Teacher

    Marc Rosner is a Special Education Teacher at Raritan High School in Hazlet, and has been with the school for 5 years!  His teaching style is full of creativity & passion, and because of these qualities, he makes a daily impact on his students.

    He continually researches the best practices to provide his students with hands-on learning experience, and has the ability to build relationships with each student. Marc possesses the knowledge and ability to differentiate material for students on different levels and his lesson planning ensures a successful execution that addresses all individualized needs. He’s worked hard to create an environment where each student plays an important role in their learning, and has a sense of pride when goals are met or a task is completed.

    Marc has been an integral part of the of the “AMPED UP” team- a program designed to give Special Education students real world work experience at the in house coffee and school spirit shops.

    Outside the classroom, Marc is a dedicated coach to the Special Olympics and the high school Softball team.  He has a positive working relationship with fellow teachers and staff and is incredibly giving of his time and willingness to help others.  This is why Marc Rosner is a “Teacher Who Makes Magic!”


    Technology Teacher
    Stone Brook Elementary School
    Nominated By: Kristen Kries, Principal

    For the past 9 years, Matt Zimmerman has been a Technology Teacher at Stony Brook Elementary School in Somerville, and anyone who comes in contact with him says the same thing:  He’s the kind of guy everyone should get to know!  He provides support and mentorship for all of his students, and always finds ways to engage everyone who’s in his classroom. He strives to include relevant learning experiences that make taking his class exciting and fun!

    One recent project Matt asked of his students was to have them research disabilities and create a learning environment that would best meet the needs of those who would be partaking.  Matt works to make inclusion a must for all students while understanding individual needs. He also supports the staff with technology assistance when anyone has an issue.

    Matt created a meditation and coding club to allow students to learn mind full strategies while encouraging their love technology, and was a recent “secret guest” at a school fundraiser for childhood cancer that raised over 10,000!

    Matt also serves as a “Parent Pick-Up Coordinator” and happily passes along good news to parents as they retrieve their kids after the school day.  For all of these reasons, and many more, Matt Zimmerman is a “Teacher Who Makes Magic!”