AL KHOR, QATAR - NOVEMBER 25: USA fans including a fan playing a big drum support their team during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group B match between England and USA at Al Bayt Stadium on November 25, 2022 in Al Khor, Qatar. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

For those who aren’t keeping up with the World Cup there has been plenty of heated moments one being USA having a tied game with England. This shows a direct path for the United States Men’s National Team to make it into the next stage of the World Cup.

All they need to do is beat out Iran this week if they want to advance to the knockout stage something the team achieved in 2014, but not in 2018 since USA didn’t even qualify to compete that year. However back in 2014 team USA was eliminated round one by Belgium so hopefully they’ll put on a better performance if they beat Iran.

USA fans have been loving the attention over on Twitter going back and forth with fans of England as if USA had lost that game it may have been all over. They’re memes include saying the correct pronunciation for football is soccer a common joke among sport fans. So with the teams fate to be decided this week here are some of the best images we found.

  • He Didn't Look Like That In The Text Book.

    Something tells me George Washington didn’t go into battle with a bald eagle and a minigun, but you’ll notice a lot of the posts online are referencing a made up “Scoreboard” between USA and England. This is just the latest addition to the fire.

  • Smells Like Freedom.

    It seems a group of soccer fans pulled out their great great great grandfathers clothing as they cosplay revolutionaries. I just hope that no tea was harmed in the making of this video.

  • Well No... But Yes.

    Considering England is at the top of the group and that last World Cup they made it all the way to the Semi Finals. A draw is exactly what USA was hoping for. Of Course an actual win would have been nice as well. But we will take a draw.

  • Share The Load Mr. Frodo

    Unfortunately for Mexico there is little chance that they will make it to the Round of 16 after their loss to Argentina, of course there is the smallest percent chance that they can make a comeback. But it would take nothing less but a miracle for their next game and the remaining games in their group.

  • Here We Go Again...

    Again… I do not recall the first president of the United States ever performing an RKO on England’s ruler. Though I can’t get this image out of my mind I keep laughing at it whoever drew this thank you. I wonder what will beposted if USA makes it versus if they don’t.

  • The Banker's On The Phone

    Get Howie Mandel down here, because you’ve got a deal. As writing this I spoke with some around the office and we have a good idea, if USA were to say beat England in the knockout stage they should hang the flag on Big Ben and if we lose we’ll give them back New York for a week. All kidding aside could you imagine if we called it Socball?!

  • He Is The Insane For This.

    Looking at this picture makes me physically upset. I don’t know if this is an actual thing that happens in the UK, but please take it away from me.

  • Just Like Scott Sterling.

    Just like Scott Sterling this imagine is grade A gold despite it being completely fake. The Player Christian Pulisic did have something written under his shirt, but this is a funny alterative.

  • It's All On Fire.

    I may be a bit late to this party, but coming in strong to see the flames of the internet collide as they always do. However the posts that will be made tomorrow are the real deciding factor.

  • What Will Happen.

    A draw is not going to be on the list of outcomes USA or Iran are looking for. This game will come down to one simple question. Who wants to win more? We’ll certainly find out.

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