• Jessie, Age 17 - I wish to have a Sweet 16

    “Before her party, she couldn’t stop smiling. That evening was truly the happiest moment of her life because we have never seen her filled with so much joy before. It feels amazing to know that there are so many amazing people out there that wanted to help us out in our time of need.” – Jessie’s parents Jorge and Maria
    Jessie - Sweet 16

  • Ava, Age 16 - I wish to have a cello

    “We saw a whole new person emerging from behind her music. She was expressing herself in ways we’ve never seen, and there was a joy coming out of her we’d thought was all but gone. Her wish for this beautiful cello was more than just a gift – it is her passion. You created a life-changing moment for our daughter when she needed it most.” – Tamisa, Ava’s mom
    Ava - Cello

  • Brady, Age 9 - I wish to have a puppy

    “The weeks leading up to the puppy were such a distraction from the chemo and the blood transfusions. That’s when we realized what Make-A-Wish accomplished, moments in time when we forgot about cancer. We could focus on something else, the new addition to our family. We decided to name her Jersey and Brady just loves her more than anything.” – Brady’s parents, Amy and John
    Brady - Puppy

  • Knighten, Age 10 - I wish to go to Hawaii

    “Make-A-Wish changed our story. They took years of bad and ended that with so much good. He smiled every single minute of that trip and got to experience once-in-a-lifetime things – waterslides, shave ice, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling with gorgeous wildlife off the side of a catamaran. And so much joy and peace.” – Knighten’s mom, Kristen
    Knighten - Hawaii

  • Gabriela, Age 18 - I wish to go to the Walt Disney World® Resort

    “This trip not only made her forget her health issues for a little but appreciate everything more. She has had many things change suddenly and unexpectedly in the past few years, and this trip was the rainbow after a storm for her. It was the positivity and hope she needed and that we prayed for.” – Anna, Gabriela’s mom
    Gabriela - Disney

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