HOLLYWOOD - AUGUST 11: Actor/writer/executive producer Steve Carell arrives at the premiere of Universal Studios "The 40 Year-Old Virgin" at Arclight Hollywood on August 11, 2005 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

If there’s one thing I love in shows it’s the perfectly timed and usually comedic moment. However what if I were to tell you some of your favorite moments might have been a total accident?

Usually when filming and in life in general unpredicted things occur, like forgetting a line or laughing because of something said.

Now, normally we don’t see these moments because they are reshot and cut out. However, sometimes these perfect moments fit so well into the story that they make it to our eyes.

It just goes to show that these actors and actresses are amazing at what they do. I mean being able to go with the flow and make something great out of it. It brings some genuine feelings and laughs to the set.

So, I took a look at some of the most iconic and well-known shows and movies. I found some of the most classic moments that were either improvised by the cast or some that were a total accident.

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  • 1. 'Friends' Season 4

    It’s not hard to imagine that in the ten seasons of Friends that were would be a handful of accidental perfections and this is one of them. As Chandler is demanding his freedom he pulls a bit too hard on the file cabinet and you can tell it must have hurt! Rachel covered her mouth in shock, but it was also probably to stop herself from laughing. The fact that he stayed in character for this is a grand slam.

  • 2. 'Monty Python, Life of Brian'

    The 1970’s was a wild year for films and television as a whole, one of the classics to come at the end of the decade was the latest film by Monty Python Life of Brian. With plenty of humors moments it’s insane to believe that one of the most iconic scenes wasn’t in the script. While the joke name was planned, none of the extras had heard it before so the laughing was all genuine. Instead of cutting and starting over. What we got was ten times better as the soliders try to hold in their laughter.

  • 3. 'The Office' Season 7

    Michael leaving the office has to be one of the top television moments of all time. This is a character that has seen so much and grown from it. He also became a beloved character, so seeing this emotional scene really tugs at your heart. Well this was Steve Carell’s genuine reaction as everyone was in on the plan. Except for him. I’m glad they were able to pull this off and we were able to see it.

  • 4. 'Big Bang Theory'

    While I never watched Big Bang from start to finish, I have seen plenty of clips and amazing moments. This by far is one of the best moments that went a bit differently than planned. When Sheldon throws the papers one perfectly lands and rests against his head a stunt you could try to recreate one hundred times and still may not be able to recreate. It makes the scene just that much funnier.

  • 5. 'Fast & Furious 6'

    listen actors sometimes forget their lines it’s natural they’re only human, but most times they’ll stop and reshoot using the proper lines. The Rock however like many others saw a chance and shot back a roast of his own as his fellow cast member. One of that took them off guard so the reactions here are all genuine.

  • 6. 'Friends' Season 4

    This is another classic scene from Friends where you guessed it Chandler messes up his line. However the cast rolls with it by questioning his mess up and turning the tables on him. I don’t know how they were able to keep a straight face, but kudos to them.

  • 7. 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin'

    Steve Carell is back however this time his reaction is from pain as he actually gets his chest waxed for the first time. Viewer discretion is advised as Carell involuntarily curses all while his fellow costars laugh at the situation. In an interview, Steven confessed that the actress performing the waxing had only ever done it once despite claiming she was “Proficient” at it.

  • 8. 'Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers'

    I love Lord of The Rings so when I first saw this scene it really got to me. I felt Aragorn’s pain like it was real. Well turns out it was real! After kicking metal one too many times actor Viggo Mortensen broke two of his toes. Thus the pained scream.

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