CAPE MAY COUNTY, NJ - JANUARY 22: A sign warns drivers of blizzard conditions on the north bound Garden State Parkway on January 22, 2016 in Cape May County, New Jersey. A major snowstorm is forecasted for the East Coast this weekend with some areas expected to receive up to 1-2 feet of snow. (Photo by Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images)

New Jersey is known for many things; the shore, amusement parks and beaches and unfortunately our drivers and roads. While we may not be as bad as other states, we’re certainly considered to be too fast, impatient and sometimes downright impolite.

Well as you can imagine this can lead to serious accidents across the Garden State, between roads, highways and the parkway it can be a challenge to get from point A to B. So with that in mind, which county has it the worst well you may just be surprised to find that according to a survey done by moneygeek, we here in Middlesex ranked among the worst for road accidents.

So to promote driver safety especially considering summer and spring have some of the highest number of accidents. You should never be distracted while driving it can have serious consequences. So if you want to know which roads are examples of what not to do Here are the ten worst roads in each county that you may want to avoid.

  • 10. Union County (US-1)

    Route 1 also known as the Trenton Freeway is infamous as it runs about 66 miles going through New Jersey and constantly has road work, delays and most importantly accidents along its stretch. Though according to the data the parts that go through Union are the worst. Considering you have exits into Staten Island and the Goethals bridge this is a no brainer.

  • 9. Monmouth County (SR-36)

    As a Monmouth county resident I can confirm wholeheartedly during on Route 36 can be a hit or miss and let me tell you, our batting average is bad. Especially going south you can have accidents, we had a total of 94 fatal accidents in 2020 according to the data, nine of which were along route 36.

  • 8. Atlantic County (US-40)

    Spanning 60 miles heading to Atlantic city is Route 40, this major roadway has been around since the 20’s. Yikes, alongside that on average it had 17 crashes out of the total of 95.

  • 7. Ocean County (GSP-444)

    The Garden State Parkway has got to be one of the best and subsequent worst things to have happened to New Jersey, on one hand it’s great for getting around New Jersey fast and relatively easy. On the other hand sometimes it can turn a 30 minute drive into a few hour long nightmare especially during summer and spring when the weather gets nicer.

  • 6. Gloucester (US-322)

    Entering New Jersey across the Delaware River is US-322, it goes through Gloucester which according to the data was one of the worst counties for distracted driving in 2020. With a total of 105 accidents twenty one of them were on 322.

  • 5. Burlington (US-130)

    While Route 130 may seem not so bad in the eyes of some, It is hands down one of the worst roads in New Jersey when looking at the amount of fatal accidents. They are close to the top in categories like speeding and distracted driving  so as nice of a place as Burlington may be, you may want to be safe and pay close attention to the roads.

  • 4. Bergen (I-95)

    Ah I-95… Now some people like myself rarely have a reason to be on I-95, but there is the occasional day where I find myself merging onto it. It’s that those times my music goes all the way down and I’m super focused on what is going on around me.

  • 3. Essex (SR-21)

    While Essex is lower in terms of drunk driving and speeding, in total they have the third highest in fatal accidents for 2020 at 117. With Route 21 south being a main cause.

  • 2. Camden (US-30)

    Camden though more importantly US-30 is one of the highest counties for distracted driving according to the data. It also had the second highest accidents 123, 15 of which happened on US-30. I don’t find myself on US-30 a lot, and looking at this I don’t plan on doing it in the future either.

  • 1. Middlesex (I-95)

    Coming back to Central Jersey for all the wrong reasons. Though to nobodies shock its I-95 again, but this time going through Middlesex. The big takeaway is that when operating a motor vehicle, be smart don’t rush and most importantly don’t be distracted.

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