NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 02: Elon Musk attends The 2022 Met Gala Celebrating "In America: An Anthology of Fashion" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 02, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)

Elon Musk has been through the ringer the last few months after his acquisition of the popular social media platform Twitter, users have been very mixed in their reactions to the new change in CEO as Musk quickly promoted that free speech was returning to the platform.

However, this also came with the termination of many employees that Musk said weren’t meeting the standards he expected for success, another major turn was his release of what people are calling the “Twitter Files” in which the goal is to expose the corruption within the platform. Though what came as an even more shocking development was a post made by Elon yesterday in which the current CEO asked his users if he should remain as the head of Twitter, leaving it up to a poll and saying he will abide by the majority ruling.

Naturally, some were taking this seriously whether you voted yes or no, but others weren’t wasting the chance to make jokes and memes about the entire situation and these are just some of the best ones we found.

  • That's 100%

    Well, stop the count right there, as it seems 100% of one person agrees that he should step down. I’m more impressed that they were able to get that screen capture as you would have had to be there and pressed it all before someone else could vote, so well played indeed.

  • The Most Important Vote?

    Some are calling this the most important vote, though I think it’s missing the live aspect, maybe next time they should have a live stream so we can see all the reactions live. Until then all we have are the replies and retweets.

  • Twitter Has Spoken.

    In a not-so-shocking result, the majority ruled that Elon should step down as Twitter CEO, so I wonder who will replace him if he actually were to follow through with his word. Some theorize he already has one picked out and this was just a generic poll.

  • Can I Be His Running Mate?

    Now that’s a head of hair that I would vote for! As much as I wish Rick Astley would be a viable option I highly doubt that he would ever give us up, and never let us down. He most certainly would run around as well.

  • Absolute Chaos.

    Among the people taking this seriously, there is a third group voting, yes, just to see what happens. It doesn’t matter if they actually agree or disagree, just like the joker, they are an agent of chaos. All in all pretty funny to see something like this and just be like eh why not?

  • Clever Girl.

    Now that would be an absolute power play! I would lose my mind if that was what was the actual goal of this poll. Though as funny as that would be, I highly doubt Elon plans on banning roughly ten million users, or does he?

  • I Guess You Can Teach A Dog New Tricks

    You know this wouldn’t be the first time an animal has been elected into an important role. A cat has been the mayor of a town in Alaska and a dog has been the honorary mayor on several occasions. So this is clearly the next step, that or we vote a dog or cat into office in 2024.

  • Anyone Up For Catterbox?

    Yeah… That is basically what happened, I’m amazed that this is how it was laid out to users. Just a random post saying hey you want me or not? Though wait they chose yes so does that mean Twitter now has to take Elon to prom?

  • Spoken Like A Jedi....

    I know only Sith deals in absolute, but Musk did post some very cryptic tweets after making the poll. With zero explanation as well. So not entirely sure what this is supposed to mean coming from him, but everything will be fine…. right?

  • Come With And You Seeeeeee.

    While Musk is no Gene Wilder, this would hand down be the most insane way to decide the next CEO of Twitter, so I imagine he’ll be sending out blue check marks with the chance of getting an invitation to the tweet factory.

  • I Miss The Old Kayne.

    This is something I don’t think some people have thought of… But what if the new Twitter CEO is considered “worse” than what they think Elon is? Will there be another poll or are users just gonna have to really just jump ship?


    Either way, Elon hasn’t made any Tweets posting the results, so I’m curious to see his reaction as well as what’s happening behind the scenes.

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