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Preferred Company 12-23-21: Ingrid Newkirk Download

00:08 Download December 24th, 2021

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and friends! Today’s guest is Ingrid Newkirk, president of PETA and author of ‘250 Vital Things Your Cat Wants You To Know’. Ingrid believes many of us are not nearly as good at translating the “Catese” language like meows, ear twitches, links and tail flicks. For example, did you know that cats “smile” by squinting their eyes? If they go a step further and close their eyes for more than a split second, they’re showing how much they trust you—a high compliment. Did you know that “accidents” outside the litter box could be their way of telling you they have a serious and potentially life-threatening illness. Plus, why you might want to think twice about using clay-based kitty litter, which houseplants may be hazardous to your cat’s health and why declawing cats can harm them emotionally as well as physically.

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