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Report: Jason Kelce Informed Teammates He Is Officially Retiring After Eagles Loss

Just so sad. Jason Kelce reportedly informed his teammates he is officially retiring after Eagles loss (via Adam Schefter). We obviously knew it was coming, but man what an awful way for it to end. No one knows what happened to the Eagles, or why it was a collapse of epic proportions. Was it the coaching, or was it Jalen regressing? What happened to the Eagles? As we continued to be sad week after week as the Eagles kept getting worse, we all knew in the back of our minds this could be it for Jason Kelce. He’s talked about retirement for the past few seasons and I think we all knew this would be it. He wanted another Super Bowl ring and felt he had a chance. Jason Kelce no doubt will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. You have to wait 5 years to get inducted, but man, can you imagine that speech? Here are some of his stats: ▪️ 13 seasons (all with Eagles) ▪️ 6x First-Team All-Pro ▪️ 7x Pro Bowler ▪️ Super Bowl champion I listen to Jason and Travis’ podcast “New Heights” every week and he definitely hinted at retirement. In the episode, after the Eagles lost to Arizona, he said, very somberly, we probably played our last game at the Linc. It was a quick mention, but in his tone, it was obvious to me he was saying he played his last game at the Linc. There have been talks that Travis Kelce might retire as well, but in a press conference last week he said he has no plans to retire. He has one more year on his contract in Kansas City so my guess is he will play next season and he will then retire as well. He wanted to give his big brother his moment, which if you follow them, is very much something Travis would do. The end of an Eagles season is always hard. We know some of our favorite players won’t be back. In this case, what will happen to Lane Johnson, Brandon Graham, and Fletcher Cox? But this hurts more. Jason Kelce IS the Philadelphia Eagles. Good thing he lives in Philly, I have a feeling we’ll see and hear from him a lot. Jason Was Very Emotional Jason is never one to hide emotions as we saw over the past few seasons. He was extra emotional after last night’s game. Last Night Was Awful Who would have thought the Eagles season ended the way it did.  No one still knows why.  That’s the most frustrating part. They shouldn’t have been that bad. Jason was so sad. Jason Hugging His Dad And Kylie Seeing Jason run over to his Dad and Kylie was tough. Kylie was crying, she knew too. Obviously she is excited to have more time with him, but it’s so hard seeing your loved ones in pain. Jason Didn't Speak To The Media After Last Night's Loss Jason always talks to the media, and last night he declined. I’m assuming he’s saving everything for his official press conference. Adam Schefter Broke The News NFL insider Adam Schefter is the one who broke the news early this morning. I’m assuming someone from the team text Adam, maybe it was Jason himself. No Better Speech There is and will be no better speech than Jason’s Super Bowl speech. We always loved him, but after the speech, he became a legend. We love you, Jason! Travis Says He's Not Retiring My guess is that he will wait until after next season.  Travis talked about how much his body hurts and if he and Taylor continue to date, I assume they will want to start a family and he seems like he wants to be a present dad.