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According to a new study by Wallet Hub, some states are more stressed than others. In order to see which were the most and least stressed states, the financial site compared four main categories. 1) Work-Related Stress, 2) Money-Related Stress, 3) Family-Related Stress, and 4) Health and Safety-Related Stress.

Many Garden State residents can get stressed over several of the factors mentioned above. But compared to other states, we are amongst the least stressed. New Jersey ranked No. 44 in stress out of the 50 states. Of the four categories, New Jersey’s compiled score was 36.59. The highest sources of stress for New Jersey residents were money, followed by health and safety, family, and lastly, work-related stress.

The top stressors for work were: hours worked per week, unemployment rate, and income growth rate. Other factors for work-related stress were commuting, job security, and an underemployment rate.

The top money-related stressors were the cost of living, personal bankruptcy, financial anxiety, and housing affordability. Other money-related factors that contributed to stress were credit score, economic security, debt-per-median earnings, and more.

The main topics that contributed to family-related stress were child care followed by divorce, single parents, parents without emotional support, parents who had to quit jobs due to childcare, and parents who felt angry at their children.

Lastly, health and safety-related stress factors included adults in fair and poor health, mental health, increased health insurance premiums, increased hate crimes, not getting enough sleep, depression, and more.