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YAKIMA, WA - DECEMBER 28: Steve Calhoun prepares to bite into a double cheeseburger at Majors Hamburgers December 28, 2003 in Yakima, Washington. Two farms have been quarantined in Sunnyside and Mabton, Washington by the U.S.D.A after it was determined that a cow that came from the farms had been infected with mad cow disease, the first such case in the U.S.

What’s better than one mob-themed diner? That’s right, two. Mob Burger is planning to open its second New Jersey location. The new mob-themed eatery will be at 306 Main St. in Hackensack according to NJ.com.

“We’re just waiting for the town to approve the sign at the moment,” co-owner Waldy Salinas told the publication. “We’re ready to go, we’ve already decorated the inside, and we’re just waiting to get the OK.”

The Hackensack location is expected to open sometime in March but an exact opening date has yet to be announced.

“People love the mob theme,” Salinas said. “I’ve always been a fan of the old movies, so we decided to do this, and the people loved it. Every time they come into our Wood-Ridge place they take pictures; they comment about the burger names.”

The restaurant has named its burgers after famous characters from film and television. Some of their burger names are: “The Goodfella,” “The Tony Soprano,” “The Usual Suspect,” and “The Godfather.” Mob Burger also offers pizza, mac and cheese, fries, wings, and hot dogs.

Their new location in Hackensack also has some personal history tied to the family owned business. Salinas used to work at Mark’s Pizza which previously occupied the 306 Main St. space.

“I got the opportunity; someone called me and said they had this space available,” Salinas said. “I used to work in this place when I was 14 years old. I’ve been in the restaurant business all of my life.”

While you wait for their Hackensack location to open, you can visit them at 200 Hackensack St Undo in Wood-Ridge, NJ.