New York Giants

MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 05: Daniel Jones #8 of the New York Giants throws the ball during warm-up before the game against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium on December 05, 2021 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Jones is ruled out for today's game with an injury. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Training camp is right around the corner. This means the football season will be here before we know it.

This year things will look different for the New York Giants with a new head coach in Brian Daboll. He will have a project on his hands with Daniel Jones.

Jones is a former top-10 pick when he was picked sixth overall in the 2019 draft. Sadly since being drafted he has not produced the way a top-10 pick would. He has had a TD-to-INT ratio of 21:17 over the past two seasons. Something all Giants fans will hope Jones can improve on.

Daboll coached Josh Allen while he was in Buffalo and Allen is one of the best quarterbacks in the league now. While Allen and Jones are different there is one similarity between the two, they are mobile. Both quarterbacks are two of the seven quarterbacks that rushed for over 900 yards over the past three seasons.

The Giants did not pick up Jones fifth year meaning he will be a free agent at the end of the season. Maybe he does play well and he can come back but it might not be possible. Next year’s draft class is supposed to have a lot of good quarterbacks coming out of college.

A couple of things Jones has to pick up on to show growth is cutting down on turnovers and looking surer of himself. Jones has thrown 29 picks and fumbled the ball 36 times. That is horrendous numbers for anyone. Cutting down on the turnovers and hitting his receivers will be a big step up for Jones.

Next is his confidence, when a play doesn’t go as planned it looks like he is unsure of what to do. Hopefully, Daboll can help him with his confidence. This has to be one of the reasons why he is turning the ball over so much. When the quarterback looks like they are lost so is the rest of the team.

Jones will have to show up in a big way this year if he wants to have a spot on a team next season.

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