Puck lying on red line dividing play space and zone of net on ice rink for playing hockey that can be used as background

A new multipurpose sports complex may be coming to Route 18 as proposed in a town council meeting. Mayor Brad Cohen unveiled more information regarding a 16.5-million-dollar proposal to create a large-scale ice rink right off of Route 18.

The suggested ice rink would help drive business and growth to make Route 18 an “entertainment corridor” as stated by Mayor Cohen. According to My Central Jersey, this multipurpose rink would be capable of hosting a plethora of local and non-local events such as free public skating as well as partnered programs with the New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers. 

However, ice hockey isn’t the only sport the purposed building would be able to facilitate as plans suggest concrete and multipurpose areas for other sports and maybe even concerts to be held during the off-season such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc.  

Alongside all this is a food concession and rooms for rental for special events such as birthdays or other parties. The overall goal of the rink is to generate a good source of traffic and attention to the town when retail is moving out, entertainment is set to become its replacement.  

One key aspect is that the rink is set to operate as a utility with the revenue gained from programs and sponsors used to operate and manage the property. This means that there will be no tax increases according to town officials. 

It is unclear as of now when residents should expect to receive more information regarding development updates. However, this is all exciting news that with high hopes will be the beginning of an exciting project for the town of East Brunswick. 

15 ‘Seinfeld’-isms We Now Use in Everyday Life

  • 'Hello…Newman'

    Know someone you can’t stand?  Ever greet them with the same disdain?  Stop kidding yourself; yes, you have!

  • Festivus

    People celebrate Festivus now.  Seriously, here’s a Festivus pole for sale on Amazon!

  • The Jerk Store

    We’ve met a lot of people in our day that belong in The Jerk Store.

  • 'You’re So Good Looking'

    …And sneezes have never been the same!

  • 'Shrinkage'


  • '…Not that there’s anything wrong with that'

    Easily one of the most versatile Seinfeld-isms from the whole series.

  • 'No soup for you!'

    Soup!  Seinfeld has changed the way we look at soup since this classic episode!

  • 'Spare a square

    You know a show is influential when you could be sitting on the toilet and think about it.

  • Man hands

    Jerry was always picky about his women, but this was easily one of our favorite “deal breakers” of his.

  • 'Master of your domain

    Really…this entire episode is a prime example of just how good the writing was.

  • 'Sponge-worthy'

    The fact that Luke from Gilmore Girls is the one trying to prove himself to be “sponge-worthy” makes this clip even better.

  • 'Yada Yada Yada'

    Anyone else “yada yada’d” sex?  Anyone…anyone?

  • Regifting

    Some of us have “regifted” pre-Seinfeld, but they helped coin the term.

  • Schmoopie

    This writer’s in-laws call each other “schmoopie.” Even though they’re just kidding around, it’s still gross.

  • 'These pretzels are making me thirsty!'

    Regardless of the type of pretzel, it’s hard not to think of this Seinfeld-ism when you’re eating them.