The increase in the Orbeez challenge (shooting water pellets at people) has become a distrubing trend. Photo: Volusia, Fla. Sheriff's Office VIA TapInto New Brunswick.

According to Chuck O’Donnell at TapInto New Brunswick, police are looking into an ongoing crisis involving drive-by pellet gun shootings.

An advisory was issued by the New Brunswick police department after pellets and BBs were fired at pedestrians near French Street and Easton Avenue.

The report indicates the shots may have come from a gray or silver Toyota or Nissan Sedan, has a New Jersey license plate with the digits E71 as part of the plate.

“Police said the victims reported that they were walking on city sidewalks when they were struck by paintballs which had been discharged from a passing vehicle. The victims sustained non-life threatening injuries and refused medical attention.”

Incidents such as this have been linked to the recent online trend called the “Orbeez Challenge.”

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