Tax payment day marked on a calendar - April 18, 2022 with 1040 form, financial concept

Tax Day is here – Monday, April 18th is the deadline to file your federal tax return.

Here’s what you need to know if you’ve waited until the last minute. First off, you’re in good company – about 100 million people have not yet done their taxes for this year.

If you don’t get your taxes done by the midnight deadline, it’ll cost you – the penalty for not filing is anywhere from half a percent to five percent per month.

Your refund might take a little longer this year – the IRS is understaffed and still dealing with a huge backlog from last year. Still, most refunds should arrive within 21 days.

The best way to ensure a speedy refund?  File electronically and use direct deposit.


Here Are the 20 Most Common Passwords Leaked on the Dark Web - Change Yours Now!

  • These are the 20 most common passwords leaked on the dark web

    The list is via mobile security firm Lookout.

  • 1. 123456

    This is literally the easiest password ever. Do people really use this?

  • 2. 123456789

    Taking the easiest password and adding a few more if that makes it any more difficult to figure out!

  • 3. Qwerty

    This one caught me by surprise. Why is this such a popular password choice?

  • 4. Password

    You have to be kidding me.

  • 5. 12345

    Another super easy one.

  • 6. 12345678

    Notice how so many of these are just variations of 12345?

  • 7. 111111

    I can’t imagine anyone using this as their password, but it’s apparently very popular.

  • 8. 1234567

    Another variation of 12345.

  • 9. 123123

    At least this one switches up the number order a little. But still!

  • 10. Qwerty123

    Now we’re getting complicated. Not, really.

  • 11. 1q2w3e

    This actually doesn’t look like a super easy password to me, but it’s obviously based off the keyboard, so I can see why it’s easy to crack.

  • 12. 1234567890

    One more based on 12345.

  • 13. DEFAULT


  • 14. 0

    You cannot be serious. Don’t most password systems prevent a password like this, anyway?

  • 15. Abc123

    Are we in grade school?

  • 16. 654321


  • 17. 123321

    Another super easy one.

  • 18. Qwertyuiop

    Probably the most complicated on on here.

  • 19. Iloveyou

    Very sweet- but not a good password.

  • 20. 666666

    All you kids who think it’s cool to use “666” for anything won’t think it’s too cool when you get hacked!