WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 07: Tylor Megill #38 of the New York Mets pitches during a baseball game against the Washington Nationals on Opening Day at the Nationals Park on April 7, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

The first week of major league baseball has already been packed with intense moments and amazing plays all around. However, a star is shining in New York from the Mets. Of course, we’re talking about the Mets own Tylor Megill as he dazzled audience members with an amazing opening week. 

All of this following the injury of Mets ace pitcher Jacob deGrom, who started off the 2022 season on the injured list missing his opening day. Though thankfully Megill was honored to be named the opening day starter for the Mets, giving this positive message for the team.

Megill so far has started two games and earned eleven strikeouts, only allowing a few hits. However, what’s more impressive is that Tylor Megill currently is one of the top MLB pitchers for scoreless innings sitting at about 10.1. After his debut in 2021 for the Mets Tylor earned ninety-nine strike outs last season, and is looking forward to bumping up his starts this year, despite Mets manager Buck Showalter, having the goal of limiting pitch counts for starters. 

Based on his crushing year last season, it’s clear we still have more to see from Megill after his fast ball clocked in at nearly 100MPH bringing his A game into the 2022 season. The Mets certainly needed the confidence boost after some tough losses, now sitting at the top of the NL East with a stead 4-2 record. 

What has been your favorite moment from the MLB opening so far? Join in on the baseball hype as we look forward to what appears to be yet another exciting year for baseball. Be sure to check our other Sport and Esport related content for all your favorite teams. Right here on Fox Sports New Jersey .

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