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SHANGHAI, CHINA - OCTOBER 25: A giant model dragon named 'Elder Dragon' by League of Legends is seen at Oriental Pearl tower on October 25, 2020 in Shanghai, China. (Photo by Hu Chengwei/Getty Images)

The League of Legends North American Division is entering the third week of their regular season. The competition remains tough as five of the ten teams continue to be tied for first place in the leaderboard.

However, this weekend we maybe see more than one team booted off as team FlyQuest who is one of the five at the top is scheduled to go against two very tough teams. Those teams being Dignitas and 100 Thieves. All three teams are contenders for a place in the leaderboard having a score of three wins and one lose. Depending how FlyQuest plays we may see them pull a double win by taking the top spot as well as knocking two of their toughest competitors off the leaderboard.

This has been quite the start for FlyQuest as last year the team didn’t even make qualifiers to participate in the LCS 2021 Championship Tournament. As well as finishing in ninth place during the 2021 Summer Split in which the team ended up having a final score of eight wins and nineteen loses. This recent success follows up a massive roster change by the team only keeping two of the five members they had in the 2021 season.

Some might see a roster change like this as worrying, but Support player Aphromoo, has been able to consistently keep up his botlane partner Johnsun. As well as have diverse character picks that work well with the whole team like his Leona and Tahm Kench, these characters were vital in locking down the opposing team with crowd control abilities. While also being able to tank damage. Not all of the attention in the botlane though as their new Mid and Top lane players Toucouille and Kumo have been carrying their own weight winning or going even in their matches. All lanes however, depend on Jungler Josedeodo to secure objectives. We’ve already seen this veteran player steal objectives as well as outplay the enemy team with his quick and lethal map presence. Playing very aggressive characters that jump at the smallest mistake made.

With this will we see FlyQuest beat out teams that they have struggled heavily against in the past like Dignitas, or will they not be able to keep up with the pressure as the week three split draws near. FlyQuest will face Dignitas on Saturday around 7:30 PM and 100 Thieves Sunday around 4:30 PM.

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Top Moments From The Start Of The League Spring Split

  • Split Week One Schedule

    Matches between top teams TSM and Dignitas sparked fans to debate online over who would win each match in the first week.

  • Team Liquid Goes 3-0 in Lock ins

    Despite having three wins zero losses in lock in. Team Liquid went 1-1 in the start losing to the undefeated 100 Thieves. But they were able to crush their next opponent who was Immortals Progressive.

    Team Liquid’s next match is against another undefeated team Cloud9.

  • Spring Split Information

    This year like all the ones before it seems to be packed with challenges that the teams across all regions will face. We may see even greater mix ups from updates and new champions released.

    Riot has stated that it intends to add new champions and items to change the balance of power to be more fair and fun.

  • TSM Faces a Tough Opening Weekend

    Another popular and well known team known as Team SoloMid (TSM) also had a tough weekend losing both of their games.

    Last year’s LCS playoff’s TSM lost round 2, and then again making it to round 3 in the loser’s bracket.

  • Fans Share Their Own Ranking's of The Teams

    It seems some fans were right with putting teams like 100 Thieves and Dignitas in the upper ranks, but what shocked some was the results putting Team Liquid in a tie for 5th place.

    Team Liquid was a top pick for most fans being put at 2nd or even 1st for some based of their performance last year. Team Liquid was one of the three teams to make it to World’s 2021 but failed to make it through qualifiers.

  • Evil Geniuses steals Elder from Cloud 9

    EG’s Jungler Inspired pulled out a clean steal as Cloud9 looked to secure one of the most important objectives in the game.

    Despite this epic steal Cloud9 pushed back taking the victory.

    To see all the intense moments from that game check out the Full VOD available by Clicking Here

  • FlyQuest Pull's Off Insane Secure!

    Another clean get away this by FlyQuest’s Jungler ‘Josedeodo’ both teams looked to secure an important team buffer. This insane last minute play helped FlyQuest beat out Golden Guardians in what was a very close game until this moment.

    Watch how one team fight decided the entire game by Clicking Here for the whole VOD.